Metal Gear Rising thread. Releasing in Early 2013 for PS3 & 360

New E3 trailer!

If you weren’t sold by the Kojima Productions on the box, Platinum Games should get you on board now.

It’s hard not to get my expectations up lol

it cant be worse than MGS3…right…?

Platinum Games were the people behind Bayonetta, which means MGR will be good enough for me to play.

Shit is looking like real DMC5 in there.

You thought MGS3 was bad? o_O

…Those are from the same trailer dude…

If anyone likes Platinum Games’ stuff from the past few years then they may enjoy this game.

WELL this only means one thing… Kojima is making another game if he passed developers… Either Zoe of Ender or MGS (hope we get to play as sunny 10 years from the events of MGS4)

Game looks vastly different from what they showed a few years ago.

game is called MGS: Revengeance now

also this looks like a game where you hit people and then quick-time events will trigger cool animations

But the game looked drastically different than other MGS games from the start. Why are people just now acting surprised? Rising was never going to be a stealth game.

The 2010 trailer showed no stealth elements at all. Look at those gifs you just posted yourself. What part of that looked like a traditional MGS game?

He wasn’t working on Rising anyway, someone else inside Kojima Production was

I was all excited for the way it looked before, and now it kinda seems like it’s gone beyond the limit of what I would accept in terms of believable actions. It’s not like the other games in the series had much by the way of believable, but this kinda seems to go a bit too far now…

Still buying it though…


Thank you Tizoc…thank you…

Platinum Games involvement…helps I guess, the game still looks mediocre.

Metal Gear Solid was great.
2,3,4 was Kojima believing his own hype, elevating the story to pretentious trash(Yeah, I said it), while the gameplay went absolutely nowhere…until 4, where they decided the “Stealth” wasn’t particularly necessary anymore, since you could stand around as a brick wall, protruding from a wall, and the enemies went “Huh?”

Kojima is a filmmaker who doesn’t want to make films because he would have to work with an editor. Why do you think he tapped Platinum to do the gameplay duties? To shore up some extremely mediocre looking gameplay from his own team?

Not tryin to be an asshole, but why is this being debated? What part of LIGHTNING BOLT ACTION do people not understand? Its not supposed to be a traditional MGS game, its a spinoff. I have no idea why this need to be explained when its understood

Anyways, it can’t fail, Platinum Games is behind it. Consider this bought. I’m expecting big things gameplay wise, hope the story holds up.

When I watched this trailer my boner shot through the front of my pants. This game looks fucking awesome.

I thought they said this game will still have some stealth elements, but then again judging by this trailer what could Raiden possibly need to hide from?

… This…

IS AMAZING!!! I cannot wait for this game! People want a traditional MGS game? Go play one then. As soon as you saw it was Raiden using a SWORD, it was never going to be a traditional MGS game. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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