Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Online


With the release of MGS3:Subsistence a little over a week away (March 14th), I thought it was prudent to create a thread dedicated to the online multiplayer portion of the game.

Yesterday Konami finally opened the U.S. website, complete with an online guide:

They also posted up the instruction manga that is found inside the game manual:

Here’s the lowdown:

There are 5 different game modes: Sneaking, Capture, Rescue,Team Death Match and Solo Death Match. They are complemented by 12 levels, more than I was expecting. In addition players have the ability to choose between a few different characters, based on their gamescore in relation to their teammates, and other unknown factors.

Ocelot: Colt Single Action Army, can ricochet it around walls. Low ammo capacity means lots of reloading.

Major Raikov (Raiden): Immune to the playboy’esque magazines that make all other males become distracted for a few seconds. Also has a special punch to the groin area that is capable of KO’ing opponent. Raiden auto-taunts afterward and he is vulnerable during this time.

Sokolov: Has stealth camo.

Reiko Hinomoto (Rumble Roses Chick): Has a special close quarters move called the Sunrise Suplex.

So if everyone wouldn’t mind posting up their handles for PS2 Online, hopefully when the game launches we can get some games in. Also posting up strategies or map specific tactics would be cool too. See everyone in about a week!

**SRK Handle List: (As of 9.17.06)

Death Lee
Oscar Maris
SnakeDizzle 3S
Neck In Half
Captain Ryu
Oo 3s masta oO
[PA] DragonSama

whend does this come out in the US?

edit: stormlocke fixed his post, i’m not retarded :slight_smile:

Fuck me for selling my PS2 a year ago…now I gotta get another one. I will be picking this up along with GOW and RE4 next week. Can’t believe this is ALREADY about to come out.

SN will be SixxHole.

Anyone got any vids?

Here are some vids.

Preorded the Limited Edition about a month ago. I am pumped for this game :tup:

Did you guys get your copy of Saga along with your pre-orders? My SN on Sony is stealthcat. See you guys online, I’ll be the noob that dies every 2 seconds.

So you get three discs?

All I want is the secret theatre videos.

Picking it up just bc of the movie disc. Hated going through the whole thing and not understanding a lot of the jpnse haha.

If you preordered, you get 3 dics. If you preordered the LE, you would get 4.

I’m still confused. I know you get the Saga DVD if you preorder.

I want to know if I could just pick up the game in store after it’s released and get all three discs. Basically what I’m asking is, is MGS:Subsistence packed with all three discs (Subsistence, Presistence, and Existence)?

If you don’t get the LE edition, you only get two dics. I think that it is just Subsistence and Presistence. And Existence comes with the LE only.

I’m not to sure which dics comes with what. I am certain that LE has 3 and the regular version had 2.

i know the game looks great, and the online looks good, but i got some beef with the way the game looks

1 - It looks like only 8 per team, correct me if i’m wrong i wasn’t counting. so it’s under 20 people per game, which is like bleh, socom gives 32

2 - heres the big one, targeting system, it looks like it is in all the other metal gear games, u can’t really aim properly unless ur in firstperson view, and when ur in that view, u can’t really move, u see in the videos when these guys are shooting accurately they are just standing there, i’m kinda scared it’s gonna turn into a camping game, and that’s just wack.

Now if the game allowed more than 2 teams to go at it at once, that would be bomb if u could get all 4 squads in there it would be awesome.

1.) Actually it’s only 8 total. :sad: The trailers were kinda deceptively edited to give the impression an 8 on 8 was going on.

2.) You can now hold down L1 and your character will do a sorta ‘lock on’ to the nearest enemy. You can of course still go into first person mode if you need to.

I hate games with 40,000 tanks, planes, and people. Im hoping for a small somewhat skill based game.

Just pre-ordered the LE.

L1 for lock on, o man it makes it even easier to camp, when they see you they just hold down the button and shoot, and your dead.

Plus i guess the other guy can’t dance around anymore once you got a target lock, dancing around is the best part lol

I love metal gear games, but from the videos to the description that Dr.Stormlocke just gave me, my love for this game is waivering, i’m gonna have to test it out before i actually buy it, I already have Snake Eater, the only reason i would buy this one is for online play, i don’t need another Snake Eater

You know there is a new behind the back camera system right? You can run around and see what’s in front of you or switch back to the overhead traditional MGS view on the fly. It should take out the necessity of first person shooting unless you’re sniping.

yes i realize that there is a third person view, what i’m worried about is the targeting system, like all other shooter games u always have a center target thingy, you know what i mean, first person or third person there’s always a targeter, in the videos we see no targeter in the third person view, only in first, so are we gonna run around not knowing where our shots are gonna land unless they are like dead in front of us, which means no more strifing side to side in gun fights while actually hitting the person, u can’t aim up in third person view either it appears.

And if u really do just press L1 to lock onto the closest target, what’s the fun in that, it auto aims for u? I could sit and camp all day while people run by me and press L1 and shoot them down cause i locked onto them first cause i saw them first.

I want this game to be good, i really do, but only max 8 people per game turns me off.
I just think it’s gonna be a camper’s game

damn i need a network adapter

4 on 4 ruins this =( Is that really true?

It’s all in variations of 8 sadly. Sneaking mode for example pits one player as Snake, vs 7 guards.

I’m not quite sure how the L1 ‘lock on’ works. From what I’ve seen it just kind of nudges your aim toward them if you are already aiming somewhat close to them. For example if you had your back turned and you hit L1 your character would not flip around and immediately start hitting them.