Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel for the PSP

Off topic but I always like talking about other video game comics and stuff here, even if this isn’t a Capcom one this time, this is really cool so I just had to give it a mention -----

Any PSP owners here? I got the Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel yesterday and it kicks Ass! For only 20 bucks you get the entire MGS Graphic Novel, about 271 pages. There’s movement in some scenes too, kind of like those old 1960s Marvel cartoons where they’d make the comics move. You can zero in on pages, zoom in the check out just the background art and get bios on the characters. This is so freaking cool, Ashley Wood’s artwork is at it’s best. I hope people do more things like this. Anyway check it out if you have a PSP. :tup:

At first I thought it was just a graphic novel on a UMD which didn’t interest me since I already own all the IDW MGS comics so far but after seeing the trailer with the animation, it was intriguing to see a comic come to life, especially art from someone like Ashley Wood. Is it all animated, sano? Any further extras?

If I find it cheap in the UK (e.g. £10) then I’ll definately consider it. Anything over £14.99 seems a bit much.

Yeah, the whole thing is animated, even in some scenes where drawings don’t move the camera moves to keep your eyes busy. It also automatically changes from page to page like your watching a movie, but you could turn that option off if you want.

For extras you can highlight items, characters, plot points and unlock a history and library of all things Metal Gear Solid. Whole lot of fun!


I had originally bought it when the shipment was received at my local gamestop (UPS walk in; crazy timing) that 's down my street. I checked it out and thought, "meh It’s cool and all BUT, I have all the originals which I think is much better if you think about it. that’s Ashley woods, true print work rather than making it digital. so I returned it. no use to be recycling OG work only to enhance visuals which is primarily eye candy at this point. I’m not trying to bash on this as I’m a true fan of the series but seriously though, there’s no use buying something you already own.

Guess it’s a personal taste thing… for me it’s easier to read it flipping through a PSP than looking up comics that are plastic bagged and sealed away in one of 15 - 20 comic book boxes in non alphabetical order. I rarely buy trade paper backs unless it’s comic book issues that I missed or it’s something I want easy access to re-reading again. So I didn’t really bother with the MGS TPB. Besides I think I missed like the last few issues of MGS or something, sometimes I loose tracks of books I buy. Eh… to each his own… I think it’s a nice thing for a first attempt, I’d like to see more stuff like this, perhaps an original work of sorts.

I haven’t played it yet (I live in the UK), but I am looking foreword to it. They should do proper Anime and comic series for the PSP like this. I reckon that would take off and people wouldn’t have to pay over the odds shop prices on imported Manga.

The Akira Manga would rule if it was like this.

I was thinking of getting this. Since I took too long in getting the IDW comics, I figured I would buy this instead.

Got this the other day and it is hot.

I’d get this if I have a psp. Think I’ll just get the tpb’s instead.

I don’t have any mgs comics but the mgs dgn is a definite must have for any psp owners!