Metal Gear Solid - Lupin III Style!

Metal Gear Solid - Lupin III Style!!

[media=youtube]qfInFGJRCbY[/media] :tup::bgrin::pray:

that was hot shit…Loved it when Gray fox flipped out on the aircraft…


I’m also impressed that this was done in windows paint

LOL!!! Cyberninja ready to go Goemon on the B-52 and FAILS!!!

This brought such a smile to my face :smile: Ninja cutting off Otacon hand had me on the floor laughing. Classic indeed.

I’ve never even seen an episode of Lupin the III and it was full of lulz. LOL @ Johnny Sazaki about to shit himself when he opens the door Meryl is behind.

He cut off Revolver Ocelot’s hand, not Otacon’s :wink:

this was so damn freakin good.

check out anime crazy dot net they have lupin there. lupin rules

i didnt think itd be anything that great…but then i opened it. my favorite fan made thing ever. thats crazy

That shit was pimp! Zenigata just don’t quit.