Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

I’m actually impressed by this demo. The controls are way better now. Still not less complicated but better for the PSP. It’s got that level of Kojima polish present here really makes it hot. Oh and mixing the camo index and sound radar is cool as heck too. It’s a bit of a fresh take on MGS that’s for sure.

I actually like the shooter style controls. They take some getting used to but once you get them down I think they really work well for the game.

Makes a game that needs to be portable, playable as a portable game.

I like the co-op alot as well. I ad-hoc’d the other 3 missions with a friend and had a blast. It got me really excited for this game.

The graphic novel cutscenes also seem to have a bit more polish than portable ops. I actually kind of like them now.

This is probably the only game besides SSF4 I’m looking forward to in the next half year. If we get the bundle over here I’ll likely buy it so I don’t have to bum off my brother’s PSP.

Gonna have to get this Demo.

Blah! I want Portable Ops controls!

I’ll still buy it.

Yeah, I’ve been playing the JP demo since it was released. It’s amazing.

The US demo was even better. Metal Gear forever.

It’s there

You can choose Shooter or Sneaking(?) control scheme

the latter is the portable ops scheme for people who liked playing on that.


First in a series of gameplay vids Konami is putting out for the game. Shows off some of the new features and gadgets in the game through a Solo Sneaking Mission demo.

The new tools are pretty hilarious. I love the ninja stealth mat. I’m also really digging that they’re addressing all of POs short comings while not abandoning the soldier recruitment aspect altogether.(I thought it was an interesting concept just executed poorly. and it really fits with Big Boss raising an army)

Next installment is due out this thursday


The US is getting their own Peace Walker bundle.

Not as cool as the JP one( I want camo PSP dammit) but still a good deal nonetheless. I’ll be copping it for sure.


part 2

Thanks for posting the vids.

I read the title as MGS: Pace Maker scrolling down haha.

This game looks really good though. Always loved MGS


Part 3 upped


Paz PV lol

What the hell? This is the most bizarre MGS game. Makes me sad that I won’t ever get to use the co-op stuff.

I’d also have to say this is the most random MGS game yet, see av.

I think I heard this will feature infrastructure support.

Just the demo was ad-hoc only since they don’t have servers running for it yet.

I wonder if they’ll pull some anti-piracy shit like socom with it.

and yes La Ambulancia is top tier shit. I’m loving all these goofy gadgets your tech unit can cook up for you in this game. It’ll make recruiting engineers actually worthwhile.

Shitload of content

Famitsu also mentions hidden feature that will “shake the industry”

Alot to be excited about in this game. I was pretty put off by 4 but I think it’s been worth following this game as closely as I have.(Kojima’s promotional material is always part of the fun of the games anyways) I think this game may actually surpass MGS3 in my eyes.(the series high point for me)

I can’t wait. SSF4 and Peace Walker looking to devour all of my summer

Industry shaking huh? To me this game is already making bold moves. And the infrastructure play is only through the PS3 I do believe.

I’m mostlikely buying a PSP for this (and probably Gundam vs. Gundam Next)

I can’t wait for this game, it’s a huge step beyond PO1. PO1 was a good game but I feel people slept on it because they didn’t take psp seriously at the time. I noticed Peace Walker has a lot more hype behind it.

I really want to get my hands on the PW PSP, that think looks wicked, plus I’m interested in all the stuff that comes with it.

Now if I can get my hands on one of those Big Boss Mountain Dew cans that’d be awesome.

So do you collect soldiers like in PO? I thought that was a cool feature. New shooter controls sound sick. I’m so glad Kojima hasnt slept on the psp. Its so hard to find good content for the thing. Last year had some good games though. FF Dissida, Soul Calibur, and ofcourse Monster Hunter.