Metal Gear SOLID Thread: Snake? SNAAAAKE!

Please delete.

figure ill toss in a lil PP VA interview

I for one am looking forward to seeing less topgun volleyball scene Kaz and a hella lot more ‘grab the chick with the hole in her stomach and threaten to punch her cunt in’ Kaz

Damnit if only I could see him train Solid in Alaska before this whole franchise burns up :frowning:

Let me know when that Phantom Pain: Subsistance drops with MGO3 and replay theater. :coffee:

Or better yet…


give me the demo on Z.O.E.3 like the old days

If bullets flipped around like how they come out of the patriot, wouldn’t that completely destroy accuracy and range due to the conical shape of the bullet taking the aerodynamics in a random and inefficient manner?

The fuck don’t we have a gun thread?

Basic video games physics suggests anything is possible. Also we do have a gun/knife/weapons thread on SRK

It all comes down to the theory of relativity. :smokin:


You dont mean the Theory of Relativity if I know my theories correctly. You’re looking for something related to velocity perhaps. The theory of relativity just encompasses Space(the environment around you, not outerspace), Time, Gravity, energy, and speed of light.

Read yoself foo!

Friday, 5/23/2014 5-day 120+ hour MGS marathon. All canon games in chronological order(MGS3, PO, PW, MGS5 GZ, MG1, MG2, MGS1, MGS2 and MGS4) played twice. Stream starts 3pm est. at:

Ah PO, keep forgetting about that one, poor Gene, way to cool to have been handled the way he was.

I hope Kojima eventually remakes MG1, MG2, PO and MGR with his directing.

Why MGR? His team already proved they couldnt cut it.

Literally. :coffee:

One thing that I’ve been pondering, what has Old Snake been doing ever since he retired?

maybe he started raising sled dogs again?

I want more Solid Snake. Seems like Big Boss has starred in more games than him at this point :rofl:

I’d be down with those MG1 & 2 remakes, I wouldn’t mind Kojima milking that

Hayter vs Kiefer the videogame? I think you guys may be onto something here with these MG1 & 2 remake ideas

Pretty sure he died.

Also I’m glad Kojima didnt really “direct” MGR. He makes good Metal Gear boss fights, but I dont think he can make Platinum Game boss fights. MGR wouldve been worse off without the likes of Mistral, Monsoon, and Armstrong. I feel like he couldve put together Sundowner and Sam though.

If Platinum had never taken over MGR it would have been cancelled. It would have been disastrous.

By the end of MGS4 he only had a few months to live.
Chances are he died in 2014 or 2015