Metal Gun III (Cable: The Game) [EVERYBODY GETS SHOT] >:[

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a fighting game made up entirely of shooting things in the face? Well now there is!

Metal Gun III Official Site

Demo Download Link Note - in the demo, only Koma Komako and Jin are playable.

You can purchase the full version here.

Translated (machine) movelist here. Thanks Sir Plus!

Here is my recommended config:


D and E are macro buttons for A+B and B+C, but they are needed, because there are control issues for some characters when doing certain button combinations (lame!).

A = Primary attack, doesn’t use meter
C = Secondary attack
F = Bomb/mine/grenade type attack
B = Special movement like superjump, dash, air dash horizontal or diagonal, double jump, jump cancel (ala Virtual On)
A+B (E) = Reloads ammo (meter)
B+C (D) = Special action; used to do a variety of stuff depending on character. Vehicle forms, assists, counters, and other utilities.
C+F = Throw
A+B+C = Super, there is one for both ground and air
qcf+A+B+C = MAX super, you can only use it once a match

Important .ini settings:

Editor.TestPlay.time=[number] - This is to set a time limit, where [number] would be the number of seconds per round. I recommend 100 (which ends up as 99 in game).

Editor.TestPlay.VSSinglePlay=[number] - The number of rounds needed to win a match in VS mode. I recommend 2.

Tips/random stuff I’ve noticed:

  • Throws have hella range, and there are also air throws. It is also possible for a throw to ‘hit’ on counter (watch for the lightning effect), which can allow guaranteed followups.

  • Attacks of all kinds beat throws 100%. You can basically only throw a blocking or dashing/jumping/blocking opponent.

  • You can tech off the ground (usually after counter-hits) by pressing 4B/6B.

  • You can guard cancel into dashes or superjumps (B) while blocking. This is extremely important, because you can be thrown out of blockstun, so there are instances where your enemy will get a free throw if you don’t dash/jump cancel out of blockstun.

  • 6A and 6B are universal ‘normals’. Most of them are cancellable into ranged attacks, reload, air dashes, or supers. Here’s an example combo with Koma: 6A-6A-6A-6C-9B-A+B+C.

  • Most A, C, F, and B+C attacks can be controlled in different ways, so try using different directions + button to aim or change the attack.

  • You can throw the opponent when they are in blockstun. So, for example, you are blocking Mugi’s MAX super, she throws you right into the rockets.

Character specific tips/combos/strats:


He has no reload and regenerates ammo on his own. He is slow on the ground, but he can quadruple jump and air dash infinitely. 6B+C is an auto dash -> throw. 66C is a dashing 3 hit string that ends in the air. His C and 6C are chargeable by mashing the button, and the charged 6C is unblockable. A blocked 5C guarantees a 6B+C and a blocked 5CC in the corner guarantees a 6CC if your opponent fails to guard cancel out. His railgun (F) can be controlled on both the ground in the air, with 3 different angles; horizontal, vertical, diagonal upwards (ground), and diagonal downwards (air). He can have 3 out at a time.


6A-6A-6C-5B, j.A+B+C
6CC-5B, j.A+B+C (corner only)



How do I get to the full game?

I see a few other downloads, but don’t know what they are.

I used the update packs, but they completly stopped me from selecting Hayate. Before I could at least pick him and then be kicked back to the title screen.

this is a throwed ass game

this is awesome

This game is very cool!

WOW this game is tight if I could get the full version of it that would be crackin

Post info if anyone finds the full game.

OK, looks like this was firest released in 2004. :o

Since this is a demo, it’s most likely the full game is not free, so please keep that kind of stuff to PMs. Google for “METAL?III” and you can find a few Japanese places to buy it, but I dunno if any of them are open to international customers. I’m guessing whatever the usual places you can buy doujin games, you can buy this.

This game gets the SK Seal of Approval

The full version of this is necessary to my continuing existence!

Not really, but it’s pretty fun.

this game is fuckin tight

Yea this game is pretty nice. Doubt the full will be free though.

Played the demo… A total bitchslap to those loli fighters.

EDIT- cygnus, you mind if I quote parts of your post on another board? And the “Cable: The Game” thingie too? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can do whatever you want, bud.

By the way, good news, you can buy it here:

Buy implies paying… :crybaby:

Only $27? Excellent! Now to get other people to chip in.

EDIT- The DOA4 stick is SEX for this game.

Yeah, if one of us buys it, well all end up hetting it in the end :wgrin:

the config is messin with my brain, cant get to seem to get my stick to work right with it

from what i have played it seems like a manlier version of IaMP with reloading and stuff

Make sure one button isn’t assigned to 2 actions. That messed me up for a sec when I was trying to configure stuff.