Metal Modular Cases on eBay


I built this one for a friend. Donated my Silent JLF and Gamerfingers (because I’m just a nice guy)

More images HERE.


When? How? @Allfightsticks is this deep enough for a Perfect360 lever???

Do people still build custom HAPP (or similar) arcade joysticks?

@Feargus001100 I believe this guy put one in the one we sold him:

The acrylic window does slightly decreases the interior space of the case so he did express some concern about it possibly touching if the acrylic flexed while on his lap. He also got an all metal bottom just in case but I don’t think he switched to it. I think he just got it as a backup plan.


Amazing. I might just to pick one up.


Thanks a lot!

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Here’s a preview of my new custom fightstick from AFS. It will house a UFB and MC chuthulu with an imp v2.1 board. I have two custom joystick moutng plates. The main one will be for my Il joystick. The other mounting plate will fit any jlf style mounting. The flush top anodized black aluminium buttons will be Il with cherry microswitchs. The home, select, start, touch button, l3, r3 & turbo buttons are 16mm spst switches which are all mounted on the main top portion. I also have a pro cable from Jansons custom creations I’m very excited about this build, I will have almost all custom legacy cords made by myself for all my retro systems. I’ll be doing all my own wiring as well. Can’t wait to post final pics of the build when completed!


Nice! Liking those 16mm button holes up top.


Incoming soon! Cannot wait!


@jopamo really love how clean the wiring is! Where did you buy the wiring to do this?


Thanks a lot! I bought everything but the quick disconnects at my local Fry’s. I got the quick disconnects from Paradise Arcade Shop.


Good to know thanks. Just giving credit where its due and hope I can get my build as clean as yours.


I’m hoping to top what I’ve got up above with the two AFS cases I bought for myself last year. I’ve been sitting on em for ages, just experimenting with different wiring techniques to make things as clean looking as possible. I’ve got a solder/crimp hybrid method down that I’m going to show around here soon. Hopefully it all turns out well.


@jopamo awesome man I look forward to seeing the new work. Be sure to post some pics she you’re done!


Forgot to post pics of mine in this thread when I finished it…


@butteroj looks amazing! Love the color scheme of everything.

@butteroj @jopamo just out of curiosity what size techflex are you guys using? 1/8 or 1/4?


Beautiful man! Just curious what type of buttons you have in there ? The bottom looks different than anything even ever seen before. Really like how clean your build looks too. How do you manage to pull the ends out of the sides of the tech flex like that ? Really looks great though. You and @butteroj both have some very great looking cases.


3/8" Techflex

@ykd those buttons @jopamo used are gamerfingers


I typically use 1/4" TechFlex with 3/8" 3:1 ShrinkFlex. But I like to use thin-ass gauge wire…like 26AWG.
Most wire you’ll source at stick retailers is thicker than that, so it will be harder to work with at 1/4."

For that black stick above I used sleeving, shrink tubing, and 22AWG wire from Fry’s.


@jopamo thanks for the reply! Unfortunately there are no Fry’s in Canadia but I should be able to get all of it at MRO electronics.


Really nice sticks here.