Metal Quick Disconnects (SE Mod)

Hi guys, I’m modding my SE right now and I’ve managed to fit 3 buttons in fine.

I’m on the forth button however and I can’t for the life of me remove the metal quick disconnects.

As shown in this picture (from another guide)

and in a youtube video, neither mention the difficulty in removing these but having just cut myself, I’m pretty sure I’m having to use more force than necessary. Is there an easy method to removing these because it’s incredibly difficult to remove them


Stick an xacto blade at to bottom and pry the quick disconnect off by turning the blade side to side. I bought qds like that from Digikey and they are really awful.

heres a tip, try to tug it from the cable. im sure your trying to pull it from the terminal which is suggested but when i was struggling to get them loose it was because my fingers were pushing the pin down on the terminal which keeps it in place.

dont pull too hard it should come out no problem.


dont follow this tip. it is too dangerous.

Umm, just use some needle nose pliers to grip the QD between the connection and the wire. They pull off quite easily. Using your bare fingers is an invitation for lacerations.


That’s a pretty terrible tip, as you’re likely to pull the wire out of the QD.

if that much force is needed to remove the QD then what difference would it make attempting with a set of pliers?

yes theres a possibility that you will pull the wires out of the QD, but have you tried pulling it from the wires? its a risk im willing to take as ive yet to have a problem. i maybe lucky but i dont find it that risky to begin with.

If you grip the QD in the middle, between the terminal and the wire, you won’t damage either. Pulling from the wire gives you more chance to pull the wire out of the QD.

lol… thats the obvious difference im talking about amount of force

anyways, to each there own. ive never had a problem with it and will continue to do so unless i see that the risk is too much to take.

That has to be pretty much the worse advice you could have given him. What do you mean your talking about the amount of force? You should never attempt to pull at the wire to remove the QD. If the QD is on tight its putting unnecessary stress on the cable and the connection and eventually one is going to give.

For the OP, have you attempted to get a small flat head screw driver underneath the QD and push it up by twisting it when its underneath? Once it begins to move it should pull right off.

You know, there is a stickied NOOBIE topic for questions like this. It has been answered a million times as well, so a quick SRK search would have probably done it.

Also, that pull by wire advice is HORRIBLE.

Please refrain from polluting Tech Talk.

Ok guys, those nose clippers worked a treat and it’s all up and running smoothly.

Thanks for the advice. xxx

you guy need to calm down.

its really not that bad if you understand what im saying im not just telling the guy to tug the crap out of the cable… come on that is common sense.

to just on it telling everyone that, thats the worst possible advice is pretty hardcore just for the fact that you can possibly pull the cable out of the QD.

no matter what you do there is a possibility of failure. pliers have a risk, a screw driver has a risk, etc etc.

i dont understand why everyone feels that there is only one way to approach a situation.
seriously, you tell them what the risk is, they understand what it is and if they learn from it great. but just to say that there is a specific way of doing things is crazy.

evil-98, you need to understand the severity of your advice.

If he had listened to you and tugged on the wire, he could have disconnected the QD and had a lot more trouble than he needed. Sure, he could go get another QD and crimp it on, but what if he didn’t have any extra QDs? He’d have to make an extra trip somewhere to get one, losing time, gas, and money. Also, the old QD would still be stuck on the button, so your advice wouldn’t have even helped, just caused more trouble.

Used properly, pliers and screwdrivers have a very low risk of damaging anything. Tugging on the wire has a high risk.

Yes, there are multiple ways to approach a situation, but your way is not one of them. Open your mind!

You know what they say: bad advice is worse than none at all

True, everything has a risk, but your advice had a disproportionately higher risk of fudging something up, and no one said there’s only one way of doing something, just your way was the worst. No need to reply, you’re an idiot.

i dont need to argue. im not saying that what i said was the best advice nor am i saying that it should be done that way. yes i 100% agree that with tools and used properly the risk is much less. but tell me do you honestly feel that you would have tugged the cable out?

i edited my post for future readers to be aware that its too dangerous to do so.

none the less, i feel that SRK is more then just a repository for information and people just dont seem to be as friendly as they use to be. the Open mind also include each other opinion more so then what is suppose to be right.

ill see to it that i refrain from polluting