Metal Slug Online...Let the awesomeness begin

Metal Slug Zero Online Concepts Unveiled

Holy crap did Wizhands took their time to develop the great slug into a online game!!!

Man… I hope they add in some new guns

wow, very cool. I didnt know this was even in production.

God I love the Metal Slug Shotgun lol.

I still wanna know how a side-scroller translates to an MMO. I’ve dreamed about it, but even in there it wasn’t perfect or coherent. Are they changing things to 3D for parts of the game, the whole game, or not at all and hoping it all works out?

Maple story has a kinda MS feel to it. Im guessing it would translate the same, Especially since they have gunslingers in that shit now.

If its anything like MS3 im in, Fio ftw baby.

Good stuff, can’t wait for this to come out