Metal Warriors for SNES challenge: zbattle

curious if anyone can beat me in this game, lemme know if you think you can :tup:

i like the music in the single player

I love this game. Actually I like it so much that I began writing my own game which was based on this one. Only I was going to add lots of stuff added including multiplayer over networks (I was thinking up to 8 players). I got a lot done, but then I had to go back to school and I stopped working on it. I’ll probably pick it back up soon but I was also considering starting over and writing it in java (currently it is in C++).

^ Hey PsiPhi, that sounds AWESOME, and I know some dozen or so people who would play it for sure. I’ve ALWAYS been looking for a multiplayer game somewhat like this- and came to the conclusion that none exist

But you like the first one? Let’s play it then :karate:

When I quit last summer I had just started on network programming when I went back to school. It is unplayable in it’s current state (well you can walk around and blow up dummy mechs that I put in the stage). It’s kinda funny; nearly the whole game was written on my lunch break at work. Currently I’m reading the HitchHicker’s trilogy at work so I’ll pick it back up after I finish those books.

Hey! Stop dodging my challenge to talk about network programming and hitchhikers. I miss this game, lets play >=O

This game would be the BESSSST if it didnt have so many bot and especially item imbalances. Like seriously. the best. Gotta be one of the most underrated games for Super Nintendo.

Ok, what do I need to play? I have zsnes, and I’m pretty sure I have the rom. Only problem is I also have a 56k connection at home…

i’ll play you. i’ll post here when i can. this might be fun lol

56k connection is no prob at all for ZSNES from my experience playin with ppl. All you need is ZSNES and the ROM. Zbattle (which you can get from, its just a match making thing) is optional.

mr newbie: sounds good

once again taking ALL challengers, if you just wanna learn or have fun thats cool, but be warned im the bomb :badboy:

link=dead :sad:

I’m free after 7 on weekdays.

yeah, it should be up again now.

PsiPhi: Okay, hope to play ya soon.

Doh, I just realized you are in a different time zone. I’m free after 7 pm eastern time.

Had to abandon my place and sleep on other peoples couches for a few days, because a/c broke down… during the hottest month… of the hottest week… in THE HOTTEST STATE… but I should be back in either monday or tuesday. I’ll add you to my AIM list.