Metal Wireframes? The Multi Man Brawl Thread

Taking a break from the usual Vs. Mode threads here, how about one for the Multi Man Brawl mode?

Strategies for all 6 variants can be discussed here, from the 10-man to Cruel.

For starters, here’s a bit about the Alloys themselves:

Red: If you’re familiar with Melee’s Wireframes, then you should know all about him. Not much has changed since his metallic makeover, except now his FSmash gains the flaming effect Falcon enjoys. Uses Falcon’s moveset.

Blue: Like with Red, she’s the same cunt you cursed out viciously in Cruel Melee. Well, thankfully her NAir has been nerfed so that getting hit by it in Cruel Brawl’s now no longer the certain kill it once was. Zelda’s moves.

Green: One of two new additions to the ‘zako’ roster, or perhaps a throwback to the old Polygon Team from SSB64. His recovery skills are the best of the group, and usually he needs to be killed outright, or else he WILL get back. Based on Kirby.

Yellow: Those horns might look interesting, but they’re purely decorative. Again, a possible reference to the original faceless crowd, one look at his FAir or DAir, and there’s no mistaking who he monkeys: the one and only Mario.

-----Changes from Melee to Brawl-----

As the Wireframes gained ablities the Polygons didn’t, the Alloys also had changes to their overall techniques. However, this marks the first time things have been removed from their arsenal.


  • Smash Charging. As it states, the Alloys can now charge standard smashes. Previously, they could only charge battering item smashes.
  • Footstool Jumping. Since all of the Brawl characters get this ability, the Alloys do as well.


  • Ledge Grabbing. Apparently because of their lack of actual hands, the Alloys can no longer grab the edge. This, obviously removes the threat of being edgehogged late in a 100-man or 15-minute Brawl.
  • Taunting (possibly). I’ve not seen the Alloys once use their taunt, even when other characters will. As this was something you could do with the Wireframes in Melee (even the trophy for one was posed in that animation), I’m listing it here.
  • Shielding (possibly). Even in Cruel Brawl, I’ve not once seen an Alloy throw up their guard. I’m not sure I’ve even seen them roll.
  • Item Usage. Even if they’re standing right next to a grabbable object, they will NOT pick it up if they want to attack.

Naturally, the Alloys can’t use their borrowed characters’ special moves, further limitng their actual usefulness when the debug menu is inevtiably found.

-----MMB Unlockables-----



  • Falco. Beat 100-man Brawl. Defeat to unlock.

Trophies and challenges:

Challenges List

  • Pitfall (Trophy). Beat 100-man Brawl.
  • Multi Man Melee 1 (CD). Beat 100-man Brawl in less than 4 minutes.
  • Ryuta Ippongi (Sticker). Beat 100-man Brawl in less than 3 minutes, 30 seconds.
  • Blue Alloy (Trophy). Beat 100-man Brawl with all characters. (Hammerable)
  • Green Alloy (Trophy). Beat 15-minute Brawl. (Hammerable)
  • Mach Rider (CD). Defeat 50 enemies in Endless Brawl.
  • Yellow Alloy (Trophy). Defeat 100 enemies in Endless Brawl.
  • Red Alloy (Trophy). Get 5 KOs in Cruel Brawl.
  • Liquid Snake (Sticker). Get 10 KOs in Cruel Brawl.

-----100-man Brawl Strategies-----

As info arrives, it will show here.

-----15-minute Brawl Strategies-----

Ditto for this section.

-----Cruel Brawl Strategies-----

  • Use the Alloy’s lack of recovering ability to your advantage. Any gimping results in their death.
  • Ganondorf can earn alot of KOs with the old ledge attack and spike routine (my personal best is 37).
  • Watch for the Alloys to use the footstool and use that opportunity to laugh at their lack of teamwork as both of them die.
  • The 25th spawn WILL be a regular character, with the Cruel Brawl offense and defense ratios. Obviously, you want this one gone ASAP.
  • As you near the normal character spawn, if P2 is still alive, it will end up being one on one. The standard Brawler will not show up if P2’s slot is occupied.

For every mode (except maybe Cruel Brawl?), a regular character will appear in place of the 25th alloy. They can use items, grab edges and use all of their moves. Like the alloys, though, they’re very easy to kill and are only slightly heavier.

Also, it seems as though they go STRAIGHT for the items.

You forgot to mention that Alloys can’t use items at all.

for Cruel Brawl, a cheap tactic is to use Jiggs or Kiry and float back and forth underneath the edge while the Alloys stupidly try to follow you and fall to their doom. Same strat can be used in 15- Min.

Items to look out for
Cracker Launcher - Instant kill that’s easy to aim. You can rack up kills like crazy with it.
Unira/Bumper - Serves as a trap that instakills.
Hothead - Doesn’t even need to be enlarged. just toss it and lure enemies into it.
Ray Gun - Good for long distance kills
Pokeball/Assist Trophy - Great for getting multiple kills, though some characters are more than others.
Any kind of explosive- Obviously kills, but if one appears, rush to it and throw it away. These are your #1 enemy because they can kill you at 50% if you accidently get hit by it.
Beam Sword/Star Rod - Camp the edge and spam f-smash with this.
Starman - The only item the Alloys can use. Run away if they get. Go apeshit if you get it.

Most characters have at least one move that OHKOs Alloys easily. I might try and compile a list.

Heres a quick tip that I did in order to beat the 10 KO challenge in Cruel Brawl. I picked Ike, and what I did was run off the stage and hang on the ledge. This tip involves you hanging on the ledge, (any side of stage is fine) for the whole match or as long as u can last on it. Anyways, while you are hanging, press down and double jump off a bit farther off the stage. This will cause the wireframes to jump off the ledge to attack you, Once you fall for a bit, do Ikes Up + B move, and use this technique to attack the wireframes above you but make sure u grab onto the ledge again as you fall down. The attack will cause damage to some of them, and will also kill off some of those wireframes that tried to attack u in the air by pushing them downwards with Ikes sword. The only thing that you gotta be careful with is to NOT land on the stage again after you do his Up + B move. If you land on the stage, you will be vulnerable for half a second, and usually one hit is all it takes for cruel brawl characters to kill you.

If you keep doing this technique over and over, you can eventually kill off 10 wireframes or more. I was able to kill 24 with this technique. Good luck:woot:

All I can say is…

FUCK 15 MINUTE BRAWL. Every time I go for it, I do great until like 5 minutes left, then something random kills me :confused:

15 minute brawl is easy if you don’t mind cheesing it. Just pick jiggly and go back and forth under the stage, grab the ledge, drop under, do it again and again till 15 minutes is up. I once got to 2 minutes left with actually fighting as metaknight and had 520 kills and then randomly got hit by something and died. At that point I was just like ok fuck it, I don’t care.

For 100 man melee, pick metaknight and use his uair. It’s incredibly fast, easy to hit with, and OHKOs every single alloy.

For cruel melee, hover just outside their reach from the ledge and let them jump at you. You have to stay a bit away from the ledge for as long as possible till th alloys get too low or run out of jumps, otherwise they go back to the ledge. Hit / footstool jump the green ones trying to recover, since they have so many jumps.

They NEVER follow me when doing this…

Maybe I need to work on this more, because I was doing this general strategy but only causing a little bit of damage to the fucks at the edge of the stage. And it usually ended up with me ledge grabbing and a red one doing a charge move right at that time and KO’ing me. Or some ass down near me would smash me before I did up+B.

As far as the actual 100 man brawl, that was fairly easy. Used Snake, up+smash for mortar cannon under the left ledge, neutral B for a grenade, repeat…Also get those bumpers!!! God tier when you throw them in the spawn points.

Cruel Brawl is ridiculously hard. I always die within 10 seconds after the match starts.

I’m currently working on 100 man brawl with all characters.

Spamming up-tilts seems to work out.

I golden hammered that shit, lol. No way I was gonna do that. I’d rather do boss rush with every character.

It works, you just gotta do the Up + B move at a certain distance so the wireframes wont hit ya. Like I said though, as you press down, move away from the stage, and double jump again to cause the wireframes to jump in after you. then when you are about to die, do the UP + B move, and land on the ledge. This will cause little damage to the wireframes on the stage, but it will also kill some wireframes that tried to kill you. I guess it just takes practice.

For cruel Brawl, I find that the best way to bait them to jump off the edge is to hang around in the air, just outside their range. Stay there and double-jump, then when they come for you as you drop, up+B to the ledge (I use Marth). They will follow you down, and some might even drop far enough that they won’t be able to get back up.

Usually I just immediately attack to get up from the ledge, and then if there are no enemies near the center of the stage, I push enemies off the ledge/keep them away from the edge for a bit. Then I run to the other side of the stage and repeat this.

This isn’t foolproof or anything, it still took me numerous tries, but it worked for me.

15 min brawl = Pit. Put on a CD that you love, get comfortable on you couch/love seat , and fly under the stage for 15 mins. ezpz


For 100-man brawl, easiest bet is Pikachu. Spam Down B. Make sure you’re between the middle and side platforms so that the lightning bolt doesn’t hit a platform on the way down.

There’s tons of great ways for 100-man brawl. I used Donkey Kong’s down-B under the left ledge and beat it in under 3:30. Cruel Brawl makes me want to slap some Nintendo developers though. We have very different definitions of “fun” or “interesting”.

How the fuck do you do 15 minuete Brawl!? URRRGGGH

I just used a Golden Hammer on it. I knew it would just get way too annoying if I didn’t.

^ I’m not that lucky =[

Look up the double Lucario trick. I did this by myself as both players, it’s really easy. If they’re the right distance apart (about 1/2 a body) when they do B, the alloys will stick to you (not between you - that’s too far- TO you) and you can go make a sandwich as long as no items drop to break it up. If they do, setting the trick up again is easy. Just jump to the top with both characters face opposite ways (IIRC), push B once and walk away.

I’m seriously considering writing a What The Fuck Nintendo letter about some of this crap. There’s the “oh but we really wanted CHALLENGES” bullshit response, but some of the stuff like not remembering which player is which – that’s just boneheaded. =P

15 Minute Brawl

It’s easy. Pick a quick character (I like Wolf). Keep killing guys until there are only two left on the stage, and no more are spawning. I think this happens after about 30 kills. Now just play keep away. As long as you don’t kill either of them, no more will spawn. Don’t let them touch you, grab all the items you can and throw them off the ledge. The goal is to not kill either of the two guys, because once you do many more will start spawning. Yeah it’s boring, and it won’t give you any amazing scores, but you can beat it this way pretty easily.

If you screw up and kill one, keeping killing them until you only have two on the stage again. It will happen again, but as you go farther, they get smarter and harder to dodge.