Welp, due a bug of the forum software the old thread has been renamed as Moldova News :rofl:
So in order to avoid problems because no one is able to find the thread i am making a new Metal thread to keep with the discussion of this great music genre :rock:

Here is the link to the old thread


If there is anything that you think that could be on the OP just tell me to put it here :tup:

The new Autopsy albums kicks ass!

And also THIS!


How does everyone feel about Deafheaven? Baby’s first metal, or just played. I like it but didn’t even realized they were trying to be metal (besides the vocals). Guitar work definitely sounds like some Post hardcore stuff.

Moldova, what the hell is a Moldova?

my current jam - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4amgfH4EAh0

Can’t listen to all this crap here.
If it’s not doom metal or stoner rock, the metal genre makes me depressive.
That Japanese video above me nearly made me want to kill myself.

That crap sounds like Dream Theater meets the Backstreet Boys.

Kill yourself faggot, do it, do it, one idiot less in the world :tup:

New Gorguts leaked, everything seems to point to FUCKING RULEES
@Hecatom did you heard Symbolic?

Still hoping and waiting for the day that Demons & Wizards release a new album…

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Hollenthon. Such great folky tunes.


Yes, i liked it more than i thought that i would


I forgot it

James LaBrie released a solo album

This deserves THIS:

God damn Vassline has great quality live performances

New Carcass leaked, in case you fellas didnt know. We need some shit from HEARTWORK to celebrate:

Carcass made some of the MOST vicious riffs ever… and invented Melodeath in the process!

The video sucks but the song is actually very good :rock:

Japanese fag rock, pussy rock and jew rock.

I thought this is a metal thread.

I’ve been listening to Meshuggah recently as well. I don’t usually care for harsh vocals, but their instrumentation is damn catchy.

Can’t take this crap anymore though the previous post was ok, in my opinion.