The video sucks but the song is actually very good :rock:



Japanese fag rock, pussy rock and jew rock.

I thought this is a metal thread.


I’ve been listening to Meshuggah recently as well. I don’t usually care for harsh vocals, but their instrumentation is damn catchy.


Can’t take this crap anymore though the previous post was ok, in my opinion.



Don’t you love when some faggot comes bashing other metal genres/ metal bands and when decides to post something he post mostly crap or shit that is barely/not even metal?
Perhaps the only good thing on your post was opeth, yet you decided to post one of their most shitty songs LMAO


What album(s) are you checking by them, @xlxlxlxl ? IMO, catch 33 is the most (!) catchy one, but DEI is their best.


Keep having fun with your pussy-ass Katatonia garbage.



That band is fucking disgrace and the only people they make music for nowadays are neither themselves or metalheads, it’s for 14 rich girls that pretend to hate their parents and try to piss them off with their gothic look and obviously fuckfarts like you who want to explore their homosexual side or need a song to cuddle with the fat chick they picked up from a party at 6 a.m.

Saying Toni Iommi and Black Sabbath barely qualify as metal is the most retarded shit I’ve read since Mein Kampf.


Electric Wizard fucking rules, i still have to fully heard “Come my fanatics” and “Dopethrone” (their best albums), but all i´ve heard from them fucking rules.


I need to jam more Doom, a great genre and i´ve never gotten into it.


Vos te quejas de que no oigo tus recomendaciones, pero a la hora del te no oís las mias, jajaja


nigga whaaaaat!?

I heard Orphaned Land a long time ago. Their previos album (Mabool?) was really good and excelent. Honestly, im just a strange fellow for listening to new music: I could like a crappy band if it clicks, and can despise a praised one if it doesnt.

Less talking, more metal:


Lol nigga, i am talking about the funeral doom metal band that i told you about Ethir Anduin

And Aberrant Vascular



Is it just me or do people go too fucking far with genre labels nowadays?
Had to think about that when I read “Funeral Doom Metal” and suddenly shit like "Symphonic Death Metal/National Socialist Black Metal/Neo-Classical Metal and all the other garbage came to mind people make up to describe their music.

If I was God, I’d get rid of all those shit labels and would allow only two labels which are slow paced and fast paced metal.
Every band who would change the pace in their songs would be labelled assholes because they mess up my concept.


in the last thread, there were shitheads saying that new threads needed to be made in GD for each subgenre of metal.

also this thread sucks already. #truthhurts


@Geadom I started with Koloss then went back to ObZen, then Nothing. I’ll have to give Catch 33 a listen today.

Dat polyrhythm at the beginning. Also, what happened to all the old emoticons? I’m not feeling this change to the forums.




Get the Nothing 2006 re-recording / remaster. MILES ahead of the original.
And dont sleep on Catch 33, at first its gonna sound like a one trick pony… but oh boy what a fucking pony it is.


Considering that you hear metal in japanese i think that you wouldn’t mind if is on spanish, i think that you could end liking this band

Is based on The Pit and the Pendulum of Edgar Allan Poe (Actually the whole album is dedicated to Poe)

On the topic of Messhugah, i heard that their last EP wasn’t that good, i have not listened yet, so i can’t really say if tru or not, so maybe someone can give some highlights about it


All Mesuggah is solid. Obzen and Kolossus are more streamlined (not a bad thing, considering how well they do it), the latter having a more “natural” production, and Obzen having a more sterile and mechanical production.

However their other albums are nothing (pardon the pun) alike:

-Contradictions Collapse (1994) is just another thrash album cloned from Metallica, doesnt worth anyone time.

-DEI (95 or 96) is their best album and imo the best to start. Is a thrash metal album on the surface, but they started using the polyrythms that everyone already knows, and the palm muted “djent” riffs so copied nowadays.

-I cant stand Chaosphere (98 or 99). They try too hard to be so tech in this, but sounds so messy.

-Nothing has two versions: The 2002 one i dont rec to anyone, the audio sounds… broken, for lack of a better term. The 2006 version is REALLY innovative (altough tiresome at times), focusing more on grooves than speed.

-I and Catch 33 (03, 04) are really good, both are one track record but I is only one track and diverse, while Catch 33 is splitted in tracks but is basically the same groove all the way. The concept is really cool btw (paradoxes).

-Obzen and Kolossus are follow ups to DEI, as i said, with different productions and slighty different styles.

Overall a great band. Their sound is difficult to digest at first, but well worth it after that (specially if you´re a fan of prog/tech thrash or death metal… or just DIFFERENT albums altogether).


Thanks for the post bro, though you left out the album/EP that i was asking for, “Pitch Black” :rofl: (Not to mention that i already heard the previous albums :looney:)