in the last thread, there were shitheads saying that new threads needed to be made in GD for each subgenre of metal.

also this thread sucks already. #truthhurts


@Geadom I started with Koloss then went back to ObZen, then Nothing. I’ll have to give Catch 33 a listen today.

Dat polyrhythm at the beginning. Also, what happened to all the old emoticons? I’m not feeling this change to the forums.




Get the Nothing 2006 re-recording / remaster. MILES ahead of the original.
And dont sleep on Catch 33, at first its gonna sound like a one trick pony… but oh boy what a fucking pony it is.


Considering that you hear metal in japanese i think that you wouldn’t mind if is on spanish, i think that you could end liking this band

Is based on The Pit and the Pendulum of Edgar Allan Poe (Actually the whole album is dedicated to Poe)

On the topic of Messhugah, i heard that their last EP wasn’t that good, i have not listened yet, so i can’t really say if tru or not, so maybe someone can give some highlights about it


All Mesuggah is solid. Obzen and Kolossus are more streamlined (not a bad thing, considering how well they do it), the latter having a more “natural” production, and Obzen having a more sterile and mechanical production.

However their other albums are nothing (pardon the pun) alike:

-Contradictions Collapse (1994) is just another thrash album cloned from Metallica, doesnt worth anyone time.

-DEI (95 or 96) is their best album and imo the best to start. Is a thrash metal album on the surface, but they started using the polyrythms that everyone already knows, and the palm muted “djent” riffs so copied nowadays.

-I cant stand Chaosphere (98 or 99). They try too hard to be so tech in this, but sounds so messy.

-Nothing has two versions: The 2002 one i dont rec to anyone, the audio sounds… broken, for lack of a better term. The 2006 version is REALLY innovative (altough tiresome at times), focusing more on grooves than speed.

-I and Catch 33 (03, 04) are really good, both are one track record but I is only one track and diverse, while Catch 33 is splitted in tracks but is basically the same groove all the way. The concept is really cool btw (paradoxes).

-Obzen and Kolossus are follow ups to DEI, as i said, with different productions and slighty different styles.

Overall a great band. Their sound is difficult to digest at first, but well worth it after that (specially if you´re a fan of prog/tech thrash or death metal… or just DIFFERENT albums altogether).


Thanks for the post bro, though you left out the album/EP that i was asking for, “Pitch Black” :rofl: (Not to mention that i already heard the previous albums :looney:)


Think i just only heard one song from that EP, IIRC, is just a follow up to what they did in Kolossus. I have heard some of their old EP too, they are cool and worth getting to see how the band evolved (even that one that has like 6 versions of Destroy Erase Improve, lol).

Also Meshuggah ALWAYS has great lyrics that are ON POINT with the music… a fucking difficult task considering their complicated polyrythms:

From “Stengah” (a song about drug addiction)



Do we have anyone that’s into Black Metal here or am I that guy? Anyway, why the fuck do people like Mayhem? Of course different strokes and all that but Mayhem’s “vocalist” seems like he’s parodying almost and I just don’t get why “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” is hailed as one of the best BM albums.


I like some black metal bands like Dimmu (i know, their last album is not BM), Agalloch, Akercocke, etc
I also hear like 2 or 3 unblack metal :rofl: that were not bad :looney:


You should try Cradle of Filth, they should right up your alley, buddy!


Depends on what BM period or style are we talking about. I like simple BM (Celtic Frost, Immortal), but the most KVLT ones just bore me.


I think the 90’s was better for raw black like Darkthrone, Immortal etc.

I like early Cradle, Midian and up though is where I can’t listen to a full album though early Hecate Enthroned are miles better. Dimmu get a lot of shit but I still like 'em.


I like some BM. Freezing Moon is pretty cool though it took me some time to get into it; I actually got into it by Vader’s cover of the song


Check out Japanese black metal band Sabbat


Haven’t listened to this song in a long time, still one of their best songs imo



Any Nevermore fans here? I wish they didn’t break up :frowning:


Yo anybody hear the new deafheaven? Fuuuucking fantastic

Oh my fucking god this! One thing i hate more than anything else in this world are these stupid metal genre pedants who talk more about the genre than the music itself. Like, youre gonna label something fucking folk-viking-metal? gtfo


Lol, that would be redundant since viking metal is folk metal to begin with, just that focuses on Viking themes.
I know that some people can become quite anal when talking about genres, but keep in mind that different labels help to identify better the bands based on the different characteristics that make the music.

For example
There is a very obvious difference between bands like


Despite that all of them are Death Metal, even if you like it or not, there is a necessity for labels since it makes it more easy to group the bands between their common characteristics


This is National Socialist Black Metal or Nazi Metal for short

This is Neoclassic Metal


Which can be considered a genre by itself in some cases, since the whole fucking point is to use elements of classical music when composing the songs
And i think that i don’t need to to point any Symphonic Death Metal since is very wide spread and is very obvious why is called symphonic.

Saying that
Deafheaven doesn’t sound bad i will check it later