I think the 90’s was better for raw black like Darkthrone, Immortal etc.

I like early Cradle, Midian and up though is where I can’t listen to a full album though early Hecate Enthroned are miles better. Dimmu get a lot of shit but I still like 'em.


I like some BM. Freezing Moon is pretty cool though it took me some time to get into it; I actually got into it by Vader’s cover of the song


Check out Japanese black metal band Sabbat


Haven’t listened to this song in a long time, still one of their best songs imo



Any Nevermore fans here? I wish they didn’t break up :frowning:


Yo anybody hear the new deafheaven? Fuuuucking fantastic

Oh my fucking god this! One thing i hate more than anything else in this world are these stupid metal genre pedants who talk more about the genre than the music itself. Like, youre gonna label something fucking folk-viking-metal? gtfo


Lol, that would be redundant since viking metal is folk metal to begin with, just that focuses on Viking themes.
I know that some people can become quite anal when talking about genres, but keep in mind that different labels help to identify better the bands based on the different characteristics that make the music.

For example
There is a very obvious difference between bands like


Despite that all of them are Death Metal, even if you like it or not, there is a necessity for labels since it makes it more easy to group the bands between their common characteristics


This is National Socialist Black Metal or Nazi Metal for short

This is Neoclassic Metal


Which can be considered a genre by itself in some cases, since the whole fucking point is to use elements of classical music when composing the songs
And i think that i don’t need to to point any Symphonic Death Metal since is very wide spread and is very obvious why is called symphonic.

Saying that
Deafheaven doesn’t sound bad i will check it later





Shaft Agent is one of the bigger conundrums on this forum for me.

He is like Million. Knows what he likes, and only likes what he likes, and what he likes, he likes only because of very specific reasons. Except he doesn’t come of as creppy.

Dude justs posts and says, thread blows.


I can only think of 2 songs he posted, I liked both. But WTF is it that he likes?? One was by blotted science, and the other was talking about god or some shit like that. And Shaft went on about the guitar progression. But is that the only type of metal the dude likes??

It’s also commical how ArtVaday or whatever the fuck comes in out of nowhere and spews his shit.

Sabbath bearly makes the metal charts bro. Next thing we know, this motherfucker is gonna say AC/DC is metalish. Hahahahaha

As for the labeling thing. It’s a pain in the ass because there are labels within labels. It’s really not neccesary imo. Labels like BM, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal do help, but it gets annoying when you start mixing shit like Symphonic Folk Death Metal or whatever the fuck kids do now in days.

I do miss my days of ignorance where Metal was metal, and the only thing that mattered was if it was heavy , or heavy and brutal enough to be qualified metal. If it passed, it was metal and that was that

Looking back in retrospect, holy shit so much Metal fucking sucks. It’s not even funny. Trash is the worst culprit of it all, but then again, whats to be expected from a genre who’s only diffrence between harder faster punk and itself is the solo’s.

BTW @Hecatom

Did you have to get used to female leads?? Everytime I try and give it another chance, the female doesn’t cut it for me. I don’t like it, and think its terribad.


I’ll be honest, there are few female fronted metal bands that i like, dunno if is that the majority of them tend to gravitate on gothic metal, but man, the many of them sound barely inspired for my liking :looney:
I don’t think that i get used to them, is just a thing of the sound clicking with me.
For example i love Diablo Swing Orchestra, UneXpect, Epica & Akphaezya, i also like something like Theatres Des Vampires but now if you put me something like Amaranthe, while it is easy to hear it, it also ends tiring after a while, of course it doesn’t help that it sounds very Pop’ish :rofl:


Also, not every trash metal sounds like punk man



This one is for George since he said that he wanted to hear some Cradle of Filth


One of da bes most consistently mind blowing songs you will ever hear (btw if you cant tell i like pink metal album covers). And yes, Boris do harsh noise just the way i like it, soul meltingly.

Edit: No love for opeth yet?? smh




its THRASH, first of all.

Second not all thrash sound the same, lol.

Listen to Coroner, Anacrusis, Voivod, Kreator, Obliveon, Pantera, Toxik and Sepultura, and tell me how they sound alike, genius.


Old 'Tallica were considered Thrash weren’t they?

Anyways have some black stuff.





Damn you geadom, now i have Bewitched stuck on my head :rofl: :shake:


Since you seem to like them, at least do you have heard their more recent material?


I know very little about metal, pretty new to the genre, but have you guys heard of the band Oh, Sleeper? My friend sent me this album and man I really like it.



Akercocke - Axiom (Progressive Black Metal)

Welcome :tup:, i have to say that i never heard of them, but they sound good imo


I want Bruce Dickinson to make another solo album already (last one was in like 2006). His solo shit is pretty good.


I started listening to some old power metal stuff… like Stratovarius. Shaft Agent will be so proud of me :smiley: