I recommend everyone listen to “Bolt Gun - Man is Wolf to Man”

It’s a single-track epic, think Godspeed You Black Emperor - F#A#infinity meets Wolves In The Throne Room.

The source material is incredible and it’s 97 degrees here and I got a chill.



Earache sampler: 30 Years of Earache Records




Two of the most creative guitarists in metal right now.


New Taake album may very well be my fave album this year.






Cynic new single, Humanoid


Old ass men still making some pretty bad ass sounding tracks.


That’s a cool song^



black / death



So are you a member of Haiduk or just like them a lot? lol. Never heard of Haiduk before, but those two tracks are pretty good. Gonna have to check them out.


It’s my solo project. Thanks for checking those tracks. Definitely check out more videos if you like it.


I checked some other tracks, your band is awesome. And I like the occult, demonic themes. I like that most songs are under the four minute mark. And the Demonicon cover is pretty cool. I hope you make a new album.
Have you listened to Dracena? I think you would like them.

Have you thought about selling your music on bandcamp? Amazon sells 224kbps mp3s for some reason, and people don’t like it. Bandcamp offers 320kbps mp3 files for the best audio quality. And I think artists get more money from bandcamp than from amazon.


Awesome, glad you like it. A new album is in the works.

Yes, I decided to focus more on bandcamp because my homepage keeps having issues lately. Will be uploading the current Haiduk releases to bandcamp soon. I didn’t know it’s also better quality Mp3s. Good to know.


Altar has come back after year of hiatus with a new vocalist.


from the makers of Hello Kitty, Aggressive Retsuki is a raccoon who suffers ire attacks, and vents out by singing death metal lol


Retsuko is a red panda not a raccoon.
And the anime is excellent.


yeah, that. I’ll watch it eventually.