Metalface Hitbox with plexiglass cover, all white sanwa buttons + cable stash [360/PC/Arcade Stick]


This is a conversion made out of a hori VX-SA which I purchased to support my local games shop in Burnaby by the name of the Magic Stronghold. I am selling this as I want to upgrade to a more deluexe stick which I can mod to play on older systems and so I have enough casemod room for a wireless mode as well as something a little more future proof.

Has little rubber feet to prevent slip on tables, easily can be converted back into original arcade stick mode by unscrewing plexyglass then swapping the metal piece that can be swapped out with the hitbox cover if you want to go back to 30mm arcade button layout with stick layout with 8 way sanwa or your choice of stick.

Asking for $149USD + Shipping (official mailer from Canada Post will be free I’ll buy it thus your local customs doesn’t rape your package, due to past shit disturbers I have to ask that some tracking be mandatory), fragile sticker will be put on and good karma. I will ship it as a VIDEO CONTROLLER and mark it as a gift.

Local pickup (Vancouver, BC, Canada or the Lower Mainland), plus paypal is also accepted so are bitcoins

bump I need to sell this looking to trade for a Vita, or PS3 arcade stick or any dual mod arcade stick. Much love.