Metallic Sphere, Buffer versus Patitioning

Is it possible to charge the metallic sphere to the point in wich it is able to perform a buffered attack or a partitioned attack?

The way I charge during the execution of the sphere I have to choose using my “insight” (kof kof) so that the sphere doesn’t go to waste in the end!

remember in eminem’s guilty conscience when Grady comes home from a hard day of work…

Wtf… Just do a sphere and charge back once you press the punch button.

Pressing back+punch! you will buffer for a charge attack, but to partition the time seems alot later than that!

And not always a knockdown is scored and for that the opponent will seek to defend an incoming charge attack, if attacked of course!

Also if a knockdown is scored a HK tackle will come short some times(as for EX will be a waste in some characters if a combo is in dire need, just to do 1 hit)!

I was asking if it’s possible come to a middle ground in what the charge is concerned or a way to ilude it, to choose to buffer or partition, wich ever situation it would come to be after the launch of the MS!

If it isn’t possible, just say so! thanks!

This guy is so extreme with all the !'s. Just charge back after punch as was already stated and if it hits attack if it doesn’t then don’t. You’re making this way more complex than it should be.

the !'s are just habit!