Metalocalypse AV request


I’m looking for a rockin’ Metalocalypse AV.

Dr. Rockso preferred.

All the episodes are on, but just say the word and I will hunt down any necessary material. I don’t have anything exact in mind right now, so feel free to get creative I guess.


My computer can’t keep up with the stones I chuck at it so if you get me a printscreen or image from this…‘YOUTUBE,’ I’ll be more than happy to slap it in a AV. I’ll even play Thunderhorse on GHII just to inspire the kick-ass-ery of it all. Now that’s dedication…or is it stupid? Maybe when they called me stupid…they were saying I was ‘dedicated?’ Now it all makes sense! Yes! But for reals, I’ll help you out if I can.


Unfortunatly, my computer won’t print screen. Regardless, I got some raw material below:

Do you think you could get my name in the Metalocalypse font? That would freaking awesome!


Hmm…I’ll see what I can do. The images you gave were cool but rather small. I’ll see if I can find some other pictures. I got big plans! But unfortunately, SRK has small limitations on non-premiums. What to do, what to do… Leave it to me! I’ll get 'er done. Trust.

-As for the font, I dunno if I can copy it unless its on dafont or some other related site. Lessee what happens yo. Lessee what happens.


Fixed it up. If you can find a different font that you like just give it to me and I’ll slap it in there. Given the file limit, I would’ve made some bigass explosion happen at the end but that would’ve tilted the scales. Well, here ya go. My shot at it yo. Sport it or not, it’s all good! Chiyeah!


cool baiken ava :tup:


Hey thanks! I just cut it out of a wallpaper that I had of her.


Oh man, thanks. Very Metal :tup:

Prosper my friend.