Meteor canceling "spikes"

I’ve read a lot of threads here and I keep seeing the term spike used to apply to a move that sends someone down, with the implication that “spiking” someone when they are off the stage is almost always a guaranteed kill. This is wrong as a lot of what people are calling spikes are actually meteors and can be meteor canceled. To perform a meteor cancel use either an airjump or an upb soon after being hit. If you are very good with this you can end up above the person who meteored you and can punish them while they are in attack lag.

The key difference between spikes and meteors is that meteors can be meteor canceled. Some attacks in that I know are meteors: Samus’s dair, Ganon’s dair, Ness’s dair, Wolf’s dair, Captain Falcon’s dair. As far as which attacks are spikes I’m not so sure of. I think Falco’s dair and Marth’s dair are spikes, but I I’m pretty sure I meteor canceled Falco’s dair…

As far as the name goes, it’s called a meteor and meteor canceling based off of the bonus you were given when you performed this technique in SSBM. Here’s a video showing meteor canceling in SSBM.

Thanks for this sweet and very applicable info. :tup:

Many of us are new to Smash in general, so we’re not quite acquainted with all the jargon yet.

Ike’s aerial down a is a spike.
Marth’s is more than likely a meteor.

this is good shit though


ah, so they are in the game this time. o.o

what exactly is the timing window?

  • Both Ike’s Down Air and his Down Tilt are spikes, IIRC. I know the Down Tilt is for sure.

  • Marth’s Down Air is a meteor, but if you get hit by it at higher % you’re pretty much done for regardless.

  • Falco’s Down Air is a meteor.

  • I believe Lucas’s Back Air is a spike.