Meter Gain During HitStun

So i had this question on me for quite a while , even looked up on the srk Hyper guide for it but i failed to see it answered.

You are at the recieving end of a combo , so your hitstunned , we know that your opponent is gaining meter for hitting you and you are recieving 50% of the meter he earns from the specific move.

Now damage scaling acts up , and the opponent’s moves start getting reduced and deal less damage , so the meter also gets scaled and starts recieving less meter. But what about you?

My question is, when an opponent is dealing a big combo and the “meter scaling” acts up , what meter do you recieve for getting hit? Do you get 50% of the scaled meter he gets , or do you recieve 50% of the meter he would normally get if the damage/meter was not being scaled?

Wrong forum. This is the SSF4 section. You want the MvC3 forum. Moving to Marvel VS Capcom 3
I hope you get the answer you want. Good luck.

Meter gain isn’t scaled. If it was it would take forever to build a bar and you would never land two supers on their first character without tags or hitting an assist.

According to the guide you build 70% from being hit and 40% from blocking actually.

Actually it was in the correct section , i was refering to the ssf4 hyper guide Super Street Fighter IV - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!

Pretty sure it’s based on the damage received so when the damage dealt scales, the meter received for being hit is also scaled.

Talking about SSF4 btw.

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