Meter of all kinds

Last night I saw the screenshot leaks from gameplay and suffice to say, I am excited for the new Game Informer to come out.

Ok, now that that is off my chest… METER!
I am posting this thread to discuss what the meters might look like, and more importantly the roles they will play in game.

In Marvel vs Capcom 2, as with all capcom fighters generally, meter was a HUGE part of any serious player’s gameplan. What are changes you would like to make to the system implemented in MVC2? Would anyone care for a baroque option like TVC (please do not turn this into a flame war!)? Changes to the application of using hypercombos? Ect.

Have fun! :karate:

I could go for more meter shenanigans. Roman Cancels would be cool. Maybe dead angles, though I can see the Mahvel crowd hating that 'cos it makes the game less aggressive. Fair point, I suppose. Perhaps some kind of Faultless Defense mechanic. And no, I’m not gonna suggest Bursts. They’re great in GG, but Mahvel is about the ridiculous offense. I get it. It wouldn’t be the same if getting hit didn’t mean you died.

Oh, and EX moves. <3 EX moves/Force Breaks.

Yeah, it would actually be good.

bails out

Getting hit doesn’t mean you die. Pre MvC2 versus series standard is no combo breakers. MvC2 has automatic combo breakers, therefore Magneto players try to perform resets, a term which means they quickly stop their combo around 50% health of a single character and try to start a new combo while the opponent is sleeping.

By the way, this isn’t that much damage because you have three characters.

At lower levels it seems like get hit and die. At lower levels, the resets will work often, therefore it will almost become such. And at lower levels, scaling damage heavily as an infinite deterrent and adding bursts seem like logical ways to prevent the situation that appears to be there. The large majority I.E casuals I.E. the money that Capcom has already confirmed to be targeting would see combo heavy fast paced games like Vs series as such and want counter measures against it. Judging by recent actions and what info we have, Capcom will likely appease them. I too, will freely admit that combo heavy, fast paced FGs with air combos and dashing are not my cup of tea. I can say from experience that unless you play these games enough to get decent, you might have preconceived notions like “get hit and die”, which in turn keeps you from trying the game. Going by the TvC connections and modern Capcom’s philosophies, I predict bursts will be one of the options you can use meter on on MvC3. I’d be happy with that (If I try this game), but I understand that my opinions are opposite of most peoples, as I am a non-fan who would be getting into the series for the first time. But a large part of the audience Capcom wants to buy the game would be in the same position.

I hate TVC’s mega crash mechanic since it can be used multiple times in a match. I think it will be in MVC3 though seeing as it fits with their current design philosophy. Still if it had to be in the game, I’d much rather prefer a penalty for using it like in GG where you take more damage after using the burst. New systems that would require meter would be interesting though. I think, something like unfly from MVC2 might work if it required a certain amount of meter.

Part of me wants to lock this thread, but its got some solid potential to being an interesting discussion. Lets not fuck it up by flaming each other this time.

No, it doesn’t. Alpha Counters/Snapbacks are already in, and Bursts/Baroques are both demonstrably bad ideas in the Marvel ecosystem.

But what do you care, you just want TvC2 to have Marvel characters so people will actually play it.

Would be cool to have some crazy gem/powerup system, using meter as a timer, maybe.

The reason MC needs to be so potent in TvC is because of how easily you can get taken down 75% HP without it, hence why Zero is practically dependent on bar; he’ll die in 2 combos without MC. In a game like MvC2, it’s not necessary at all (not including…infinites), so I wouldn’t want MC in MvC3 if it’s going to be at least somewhat like 2.

A Baroque/Roman/Rapid-esc cancel would be nice, but it should be unique in some way, not just named differently and using different effects. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think that’s valid considering the damage output some characters have in MVC2. MC is a get out of jail free card that only costs two bars and resets the situation. Something so powerful should have some negative aspects. The only thing that happens if you have your MC blocked is you eat the combo you should’ve been getting hit by in the first place.

And here we see that you haven’t played TvC.

Megacrash eats up all your red health (so no baroque and no recovery) and it won’t work against everything (such as supers). Finally it CAN be baited; you won’t see someone MCing a Tekkaman Glaxay Windmill combo because it will simply continue and furthermore get a damage reset. It is not perfect but for TvC at least it works well, one of the reasons being that every character is capable of insane amounts of damage - the game is better with it than without it considering. And two meters of bar isn’t “free”, considering the super consumption in relation to Marvel.

You seem to forget that building meter is free for some characters in MVC2. The point is that it definitely isn’t perfect, which we both agree with. I think that making it so that you take extra damage after using it would be a huge improvement since in case some characters are able to just run away and build meter at the start like storm could, they wouldn’t be able to do two MCs without concern.

Yes, but we’re not talking about MvC2; I’m talking about Mega Crash in TvC and TvC only. Please stop making comparisons; I nether know nor care how MC would work in Marvel 2 because MvC2 is a different game, different system. How it is (will?) be implemented in MvC3 remains to be seen but I’m not excited for MvC3 in the first place so…

I’m sure Mega Crash can be implemented better in TvC…but I’m not sure how. You can’t simply make it cost more or something while leaving the original system like it is, it’ll be broken and not in a fun way. Its a “take and give” sort of situation. I was about to say make it cost 3 ~ 5 bars but I can already see there being problems with that.

Nitpicking, but Megacrash, in addition to taking all your red health, takes a bit of your (normal/real) health away.

Megacrash GIVES you red health for all the HP you lost performing it. What game are you guys playing?

I was starting to wonder wtf they were talking about. Some players will just MC to be able to bbq afterwards, without being combo’d. You get a decent sized chunk of red health after a megacrash, which adds to any pre existing recoverable red health you have.

BBQ is gdlk…in TvC.

MvC3 needs the standard 5 bar format. We don’t need any Grooves in this game to further complicate things. 3v3 needs 5 bars.

Why they put 5 bars in TvC is a mystery. It would have been far better to put in just 3 max.

Megacrash? That’s cool. Now you have one bar left, so no mega crashing or lvl 3 supers for you.

Did a level 3? I hope you killed them with it, because now you have no meter.

They could leave MC the same way it is, but now you’d better block your ass off, because you can only MC once before you need to start meter building again.

Stocking 2 MCs is BS IMO.

My biggest problem with megacrashing was with 5 bars as you said there wasn’t as big of a risk reward in using it.

Just using 2 bars to use it didn’t really feel like a big ‘penalty’ in using it, of course using at the wrong time will have you getting punished, but its just two bars. In a versus game meter and bars aren’t as difficult to build up. MC, build up 2 bars, MC again (I realize that games don’t go like this in TVC, this is just the example of what could be done)

I feel that not limiting the number of MC’s per match was a really poor choice. I think it really needs to be something that you have REALLY think about using, as a last resort defensive move.

I think meter in MVC3 should stick to 5 bars, and be used for supers, DHCs, snap backs, and the aerial rave tags and not for Mega crashing or whatever burst mechanic they may choose to put in this game.

My bad; i had it mixed up. Still, MC isn’t a free as many seem to think it is. And again at the same time I feel it can be implemented better. Being able to escape twice after working to get the hit with four bars is quite irritating.

they said that there will be some kind of combobreaker using that “exchange” button and that it will work kinda like the throw combo escape from Tekken…

for me, seems that the “exchange” buttons that will work as launcher and as a aerial tag inside combos will be used with some directional combination… and if your opponent guesses right the side you’re pressing, they will break your combo or something like that…

well, everything is just too uncertain at this point, but if this “combobreaker” thing is true, then I think it’s not likely to have a Megacrash of any kind in this game.

Baroque, on the other side, could be a good feature to have, that was pretty cool on TvC.

I really hope they don’t add a bunch of bars and markers and stuff… this isn’t GG or BB… keep it simple… one yellow/red health bar and one super bar and that’s it.