Meterless fadc to ultra1

so im in training mode and im trying to FFF, meterless fadc, ultra 1

i can almost always get the fadc to come out but the ultra never comes out. i think im buffering it inside the dash but i always get ex seismo.
any tips on how to get this out more consistently?

Dunno just practice. Also try doing 3136PPP as a shortcut, personally it doesnt really help me while dashing but it might help you ;p

You can use another shortcut like :d::df::qcf::3p: if you’re FADCing as soon as possible, or depending on the method you’re using for the tk FADC(and if you’re doing it kinda late) you might only need one more :qcf: (since the tk already counts as one :qcf: if you’re ending the tk FADC with :qcf::uf:). Back in super(when I used to play the game) I remember I did a kinda late tk FADC and just kept going :u::ub::hcf::uf:+:3p: and it was more than enough for the ultra to come out instead of the ex seismo.

You’re getting seismo because you’re not not letting the stick go back to neutral after the fadc.

make sure your getting full motions, when you first start learning this combo sometimes you get autism hand and you don’t complete your motions.

since you have to delay it just a tad from the dash anyway, I prefer to hammer out the whole thing after the dash