Meterless Ultra 1 Combo on T. Hawk (but only on him?)



I was playing around in the training room vs T.hawk and i discovered(?) an interesting thing.

When you have t.hawk cornered: > target combo > l.dp > …
(1) U1
(2) Ex.dp > FADC > j.ex tatsu > ultra
(3) F.dp
(4) Super
(5) Etc.

He must be standing(!). A scenario would be to bait a commandgrab/U1 and do this combo in the corner.
If he’s not entirerly in corner you need to do a slight delay between the connection of -> target combo,
but back grabbing him usually rolls him up all the way into the corner(risky biz)

It seems that when having done target combo after it puts you in perfect positioning for your l.dp to barely touch him, enabling you to do a meterless ultra 1/etc. Is there any other known way for making this on other characters, with smaller hitbox, or is this just a t.hawk specific? I haven’t tested this on rest of the cast.

EDIT: I’ve done some testing against the rest of the cast now, but it just seems to work on t.hawk (BIG hitbox), then again i’ve not done extensive testing with very strict spacing/ etc. But this could be useful if you actually manage to bait a grab/ultra1 from him

And if this is posted before i’m sorry, haven’t found it :).




GOSH! silly me i thought you meant light punch not light DRAGON PUNCH LOL!!!
NVM u dont need to record!
it works! and nice discovery bro i know no1 knew about it, and there must be other situations to make it work against other chars!


I’ll see if i can make some magic happenin, will try to get my hands on a recording device of some sort! :slight_smile:


I was able to recreate this. You don’t need the neutral jump strong, it’s just about getting in the right position. Usually the NJ strong will put you in the right positioning for this combo to work, but not always! So It seems highly situation and character dependent, I’m not going to bother trying to explore it. Maybe combo video makers would be interesed in using it in one of their videos, as it’s quite peculiar and probably not ever done before. It belongs in a video like this which was featured on the front page of SRK and EH: [media=youtube]5RJO-MRAr5Q"[/media]

However, with AE, maybe this will actually more consistent and worth exploring due to the changes that jab dp and target combo are getting. But I seriously doubt it.

BTW, for those who are wondering, obviously it’s only partial U1 and not the whole thing. This should work with (partial) U2 too I think, since you can AA jab to u2 now, U2 just has to hit them at the right time, but since it’s in the corner, you’ll probably only get 1 hit instead or like 4, if it even works at all.


I wouldn’t explore either but it’s good to know I get a hit confirmable meterless U1 on T.hawke in the corner.
The problem most of the time is putting him there.


the other problem is…who’s playing T. hawk?


jab dp into u1? it may not work when AE updates come into play… but it’s a good find i suppose.

But if I had to do a meterless shinryuken on a thawk, i’d wait for condor dive. I smashed an ex jaguar tooth with it yesterday when someone figured I wouldn’t see it coming. They smartened up and never used jaguar tooth ever again :lol:


exactly :), i just wanted to share it IF someone was interested in exploring/was compiling juggle videos. Cheers everyone


Aww i finished recording my ken combo video. I didn’t include this combo although i wanted to :(, because it belongs to you.


Actually guys… a meaty lp srk will connect to ultra on ALL characters… and it doesn`t have to be in the corner :slight_smile:

Get a knockdown… as theyre getting up, perform the lp srk so that it hits with its last active frames and do the ultra as you land... found this out in training mode the other day... Ive been too lazy to share lol…


You are more then welcome to include it in your videos. hit the videdit ;D


I wish :frowning: but i already gave my friend his recorder back.


reproduced this first with jump in fp, then with no jump in.

the way hawk recovers from st.fp is what seems to do it and why the spacing is important, i would wager that this can be done without target combo, but 5 minutes for a thawk only is enough training room


does this go through the full animation?

at work