Meters Missing SF IV PC Windows 7 64 Bit


Hi Everyone!

I’ve just built myself a shiny new pc with Windows 7 64 Bit.

I’ve installed Street Fighter IV, (which worked fine on my previous comp).

It looks amazing on the new one but have a strange side effect:

All the health, super and ultra meters are gone, as well as the timer??

I’ve re-installed the game-- no help.

Googled it it to death as well, also no luck.

Any ideas?

Thanks heaps for your time,



Take screenshots during Ultras, intros, etc. and post them. Seriously.

Other then that, contact Capcom’s tech support.


Just go into the game and OPTIONS > SCREEN CONFIG > HUD DISPLAY > on


I know this might sound retarded but did you check if HUD is currently on under screen config options? it should be on by default but it doesn’t hurt to double check.
Even if you reinstall a game most of it’s settings are kept either at the windows registry or under an specific folder under your documents & settings system folder.

Edit: AhDee1023 beat me to it.


Thanks guys, that was exactly the problem! You are all stars at Shoryuken!

What does HUD stand for, anyway?


HUD = Heads up display.