Method for removing the start and select buttons in a Madcatz TE stick?

Looking to swap out the start and select buttons in my TE stick but they’re in a very awkward position.

Is there any particular method to removing them?

I’ve heard of some people using Allen wrenches to reach the push tabs of the buttons. You hold on to the little bent part, and use the longer straight part to reach the button tabs. I personally use a broken ground tester thingy? Lol… it basically looks like a little ice pick, and then I bent it a little to reach the tabs a little better. So a longer, skinny, bent screw driver imo works best. The key to it really is the bend. Last time I was messing around I popped out 4 in under 3 minutes. As much as a pita as these are… I think that’s pretty good. lolz

Maybe try a butter knife or spoon. Something small metal and bent will do.

The easiest way I found was to actually push in the tabs of the plunger(which are a little easier to reach since they are positioned on the right and left side instead of on top and bottom like the entire button tabs.) Its a little tricky, but if you push one side in, then the other, the plunger comes out really easy. I used a small flat tip screwdriver to push in the tabs. Once the plunger is out you can push out the microswitch from inside the case. Once the micro switch is out you can look down into the button and see the tabs that hold the button in place. From inside the button just pull the tabs slightly in(if you pull to hard the tabs could break) then you can slide the base out from the case. I was surprised how easy it was, especially hearing how a lot of people break the button trying to get it out.

Managed to get them out last night after 20 minutes of struggling with a pair of small screwdrivers.

Thanks for the advice guys!

I use chopsticks.

They are a tight fit…the first time I did that I was so frustrated I dremeled through the button since I was just replacing them anyways haha…
Hex wrench trick works well with a little finger strength…