Methods of approaching

Im picking up Cammy to play as a main alongside my Guy. As far as i know, the most practical methods of approaching are: Cannon Strike,, (to crossover), j.hp, Hooligan, and SBF…right ? just wondering…also, how useful is, it seems like it has a much larger hitbox than what you would think and it feels like it has a lot of priority. anyways, any input on approaches with cammy would be appreciated. thanks yall

Walk forward.

It’s the best.


I’m not being sarcastic. The ground game is the most fundamental skill. Learning how to walk forward is extremely important. Relying on random jumps and hooligans is going to get you killed.

^ Agree with this.

He’s right. A fundamental skill to getting in is being able to hold your ground game.

First thing I do with an opponent is attempt to play aggressive defense in which I play a safe ground game encroaching and throwing out feints in my opponents perceived controlled area. I do this in effort to see if I can make him throw out something unsafe.

If your opponent is bad you’re gonna beat him with punish moves, pokes, cross ups and HP AA’s.

If you’re fighting about even while playing ‘aggressive defense’ you have an advantage in that you can let your Cammy’s offensive loose at any time. Disrupting your opponents rhythm is key. You don’t want to have the same flow throughout the match.

you dont want to jump in alot with cammy nor any other character for that matter, she has low stamina so try and build a good ground game with her and mix up with canon strikes, no need to jump in.

I agree with everyone. Let’s put it this way, when you jump you literally LOSE CONTROL OF THE JOY STICK for one, 2, or even longer if you’re floaty (Ex: Sim & Chun). Do you realize how long that is in a match? You can’t block, FADC, and you lose so much opportunities by jumping. We’re not saying that jumping is absolutely horrible, but it’s situational, just like Hooligan, CSpike, Spiral Arrow, and almost the rest of Cammy’s movelist.

okay guys i know how to footsie, im not a half retarded baby goat. lols

i don’t think you do if you’re asking how to approach with cammy who in all honesty has an amazing set of footsie tools to control ground with when IA CS’s / jump normals aren’t an option - not to mention one of the best walk speeds in the game, if not the best.

st.rh and are amazing, use them.

i guess what i shouldve asked then was what are her best pokes. seems a tad bit slow, i find myself poking with / a lot. maybe the is just from me playing Vega, iunno. regardless, 1) is a good poke ? 2) is a good jump in ? i know it beats out Guiles cr.hp for sure, so im guessing it is pretty good…anyways, thanks

  • i never use so i can’t comment.
  • is good for stopping things like short headbutts / blanka balls, i find myself using st.lp more-so, however.
  • st.rh & are typically better counter pokes / whiff punishes. well spaced st.rh’s are hard to combat for some characters. it’s also a pretty safe option to end a string with to punish jumps.

really all of her normals get some air-time

except cl.rh

fuck that noise

I play SSF4 Cammy more and more like I play my HD Remix Cammy now… Lot’s of footsies, pokes and frame traps.

Her best poke IMHO is -> this thing is amazing… this move stops just about everything. It’s a 3 framer with fast whiff recovery, +4 hit adv, +1 block adv, it can be cancelled, into another jab or c.spike/SA.

ie. Vs Dudley, you can actually out box Dudley with this move
Vs Boxer, just outside of his cr.HK range, it stops all his rush punches (except EX) and inside his cr.HK range, it stops all rush punches including EX.

Her ground control pokes are, cr.MK and With her, you can pretty much throw it out there with option select, once hit, you can cancel into HK SA for a nice meaty 3 hit combo. Her is an amazing AA. If time right, it either trades or stuffs all jump ins and it stuffs all jump aways. Her is very fast and the angle is just right to stuff most FB startup animations and jump aways.

Another “poke” is her FA. She has one of the best FA in the game and its +2 with level 2 cancel forward, so its safe on block and you can mix it with throws, cr.lp or TKCS or c.spike depending on situations.

Another “poke” is her SA… I am probably gonna get flamed for saying this, but properly distanced, you can think of it as a 7-frame long distance poke.

As far as approaching your opponent, walking is the best way to approach. I call it “offensive walk”. You need to make your opponent feel pressure by your approach. You need to do a few psychic walk forward c.spike or TKCS so your opponent is trained not to throw out his pokes, once you established this, then you can mix it up with quick c.strikes, walk up throws or jump ins (you can do jump ins only after you make your opponent fear your “offensive walk”).

Depends on the situation. For example, against T-hawk I’m usually abusing cr. HP because it stuffs ALL that condor stuff and its quite easy on reaction. I find if I try this vs Zangief his moves stuff my cr.HP. Instead I like to use because that beats like every unsafe get-in move he’s got. But of course you got to know the distance at which you need to be holding for to work. Different stuff for different characters.