Methods offensive



I was hoping to start a thread because I have a problem surprising people with makoto unless im on defense, so i was hoping to start a thread for anyone who has a problem going offensive with makoto.

anyone have any suggestions of comments?


use the ex overhead chop. it is REALLY useful. but don’t use it too much as it can get predictable (as with any other move). it connects with a s. fierce. or you can do like Ino did on the NEC 3 trailer and do s. short -> ex overhead chop. it doesn’t connect but it might as well have since its so damned fast. use c. strong to connect into hayate. s. strong works well too, but doesn’t have the reach of the c. strong.


just work on her pokes. play for a while w/ just using her normal moves, seemed to help me a lot, but latley i have been just waiting for openings rather than going all out offensive. i would take a real beating when i tried to just go at them.

learning her tick throws helps to, and taking it a step further by making people think you will kusa then actually attacking(ie if they start to jump away or something).