Methods to create similar work?

Sorry guys, I hate asking for help in Photoshop, but it’s been a huge question in the past to me and I can’t take it anymore!~ ;_;

What is the most optimal method for creating the circled effects?

  • The incredibly clean, “realistic” marker effect at the top, and left sides of the image.
  • The “drip” effect on the “S” in showdown
  • The perfect looking angles on the graff at the bottom.

My primary guess is Illustrator for all of the effects, but it seems tedious at most. Is there something I’m missing, prehaps? Thanks, graphic gurus~ :O!

the ‘marker effect’ is probably just some art brush applied to a curve in illustrator. same with the ‘perfect graff’. both effects should be easy to duplicate with the standard brushes bundled with illustrator.

the ‘drip’ effect is either a slightly modified image of some actual paint splatter, or a bunch of manually drawn vector noise. i would recreate it by using a photograph (check out some royalty-free stock sites), then autotrace and fiddle with levels.

Awesome, thanks so much! :smiley: