Metrimelee(the new Power Instinct) players?

This game kind of fun. Post your fav characters, things you do with them, etc

“I don’t know, King of Fighters looks better than this game!”

it’s a new version of ROTD

It is looking so cool!!!

Just I found this game in Chinatown of New York City (not in Chinatown Fair). I may play it soon or later when I will finish college classes.

I like the Rage of the Dragons cameos.

It’s actually very different than ROTD though, there are no wire attacks, and the arena is 2 stories tall, and it’s overall faster game.

But yeah the play is similar to KoF. The system reminds me of KoF94~96.

I havent played it yet, by the way, what arcade system does it run on? I thought I heard it was Neogeo but I know none of the other powerinstincts were. By they way, do any groove on fight or older power instinct characters that arent playable make background cameos? (I doubt we’ll ever see Damian Shade again, but Im hoping)

Both the old Power Instinct and the new one are on Neo Geo.

A lot of characters actually do return. The monk guy with 2 different fireball and zanretsuken, the ninja guy, the little old freaky bitch, the native American guy, and Anna are there. The Terry Bogard knockoff, the buff chick, and younger version of that little old freaky bitch didn’t make it. Sorry, it’s been while I played the old power instinct, I don’t really remember the names.

I haven’t recognized any background cameos, to me they’re just regular guys walking by.

It a shame this game gets little attention. Its fairly balance, Has a lot of mechanics from old to new. Its emulated with online play. The only thing it lacks is a true arcade port on a console.