Metro cvs2 tourney results, July 12th!

here are the full results

1st-Roger “r1beatdown” Williams A-eagle/blanka, rolento, bison2
Eric “JS Master” Liu A-mai, vega, sakura, Chun/bison2.
3rd-Ken “Omni dragon” Lee A-sakura, vega, nak, cammy 2. or C-sagat, cammy, Chun.

4th-Calvin “the (1)ne” Lam
5th-Ian "arcade legend"
5th-Justin "nagata lock"
9th-Yuhin "angel of rage"
9th-Gordon “tigerlee” thomas
13th-Karan “jiko rocker” Morbu
13th-Alex Lam
13-Xiao “XXL” Liu
17th- Oxygen.

it was unfortunate that the button broke in the finals, so we decided to split the pot. and then Roger beat me in Rock, paper, scissors for 1st place APEX points. it was ROC’s fault, he didn’t teach me how to RC!

-karan taping lotsa good matches/commentaries…
-Nagata lock OWNED wit his CURT system
-me beating Jiko rocker in the voice imitating contest.
-lost $10 from betting! out of the 6 or 7 bets that i made today, i’ve won NOT EVEN ONCE!!! the js bet master will have to train his betting skills now. :bluu:

nobody could defeat me in a voice imitating contest haha…

  • very good tournament overall, stupid fucking button had to break… something always fucks up the metro tournaments…

  • Calvin got much much better, much props to him…

  • Omni was good as usual, fucking Cammy…

  • I wanted to play eric more but the buttons were scammy so whatever haha…

Later all


5th place…

i am so top tier almost at tony’s lvl!


Eric, I beat Danny remember? Vega? OCV? Make sure I get 5th place when the APEX points come down. Thanks…

oops sorry, i read the brackets wrong…

It’s too bad I couldn’t make this tourney…but I would just like to say GG’s to JS Master, Ratio1BeatDown, Arcade Legend and whoever else I played. Hopefully I’ll see you guys at T4

nIce tourney, but it was annoying cuz the machine was not on tourney mode. GGs to people i played. Gordon is a scrub at this game, but it might have been his diarrhea problem:p . Also, FUCK rolento and RunawayAndBuildMeterThenComesBackIn bison.

ps> Metro needs mvc2

You’ll have to work on your roll cancel. sissors RC into paper is sooooooooooo simple.

chinese food owns me for FREE
omnidragon knows jesus never eating there again

Was it the chinese food that made you sick or was it Eric spitting the half eaten chicken back in your food?

Was it chicken that i spit back, or was it PEKING SWEET DUCK?

btw, the vid for the tournament will be up soon…

stay tuned… it’ll be the funniest shit ever!! trash talk every where… EVERY WHERE!

here’s a preview:

gordon: XXL, why’re u so scrubby?
XXL: cuz ur gay, and i’m the best SF player in CANADA

Did Karan manage to get my match vs Ian on tape? I think he said so but I’m not sure.

It’s too bad you guys didn’t get my continuous trash talk on ROC while Calvin made money for me.

Whatever it was I’m sure it was laced with SARS.

Listen Kurt, you can talk smack now but you will not take my money again! I"LL SEE YOU AT T4! BRING YOUR WALLET & LEAVE YOUR SASS MOUTH IN BRAMTON BITCH!

How about I bring my wallet and fill it with your money instead like last week? Why pay for my matches when you’ll do it for me? Sucker…

On a related note, if you want to make side bets at T4 we’ll figure something out. I’m helping Nassim run CvS2 so I might be a bit busy though.


is this tournament being added to apex? and who do I ask to fix my apex points since they didnt add my midwest points to the points I have in atlantic north. ???

yea this tourney will eventually be on apex…
i’ve already registered metro, just waiting for a respond.

i think u should go to MWC thread and ask someone there