Metro Square 3/10 3s Results

TORONTO - Metro Square 3/10 3s Results

total number of entrants: 16. Not bad for a Wednesday Evening Tourney

I only (remember/care about) top 7.

  1. Marvin “C-Royd” Li (Sean SA1, Twelve SA3, Makoto SA3)

  2. Anthony “AneurysmX” Chang (Necro SA1, Dudley SA2, Ken SA3)

  3. Jahangir “YellowS4” Nogoy (Dudley SA1, Dudley SA2, Dudley SA3, Dudley SA4)

  4. Will “Will” Willis (Ken SA3, Makoto SA1, Urien SA3)

  5. Ryan “KofN” Chong (Dudley SA3, Q SA2)

  6. Adam “Adam B” Bulbulia (Ken SA3, Chun Li SA2, Makoto SA1, Makoto SA2)

  7. Wei “Secret Weapon” Phung (Yun SA3, Makoto SA2, Ken SA3)

  8. Quy (Yun SA3, Makoto SA2, Ken SA3)

good games too all. Thanks for the money. I’m glad we decided it to be Winner take all. See you guys at Woodbine on Saturday. Y’all CANT SEE ME

tournament highlights

-Quy and Wei were playing and something weird flashed at the top left part of the screen

-Me coming from loser’s bracket defeats YellowS4 in the grand finals 8 games in a row with Sean

-Mike’s mom came to pick him up

-Adam left right after he got eliminated, again

-Quy and Wei fighting some crazy yun matches. I dont even know which one’s better anymore.

-Some hot girls macking on Ryan and Will.

What happened to like No Mercy, Kinnygarden, Kei & Cool-killer? did they stop playing 3?

I dont think NoMercy plays that much anymore, Kinnygarden went back to HK, Kei and CoolKiller still plays (Kei is still a beast) but they havent play in tourneys for some reason…

lets not forget, i owned up Kei 25 straight the other day