Metrocade STORM, Tampa FL (July 23-25)


Storm Gaming League, along with Metro Conventions, is proud to introduce:

Metrocade Storm!

Venue Fee: $10 (FREE with MetroCon pass) - Includes access to the Metrocade Game Room all weekend long.
Tournament Fee: $10 per entry

Metrocade Game Room @ MetroCon
Tampa Convention Center
333 South Franklin St
Tampa, FL 33602 (map)

Tournaments Available
DDR Extreme Qualifying - 12:00pm
DDR Extreme Tech - 2:30pm
Super Street Fighter IV - 1:00pm
Super Smash Bros Brawl/Melee - 1:00pm
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom - 2:30pm
Tekken 6 - 3:30pm
Pokemon Battle Revolution - 6:00pm

All games will be on Xbox 360 except for the obvious Smas/Pokemon games.


Visit the following website for Rules, Registration, Schedule and Prize information:
Storm Gaming League

Tournament Hosts:

Super Street Fighter IV - Joshua Campbell, Christopher Austin
Super Smash Bros Melee/Brawl - Jon Anger
Tekken 6 - Joshua Campbell, Christopher Austin
Tatsunoko vs Capcom - Joshua Campbell, Christopher Austin
DDR Extreme - Ryan Beckman

Equipment Needed:
(Specify Unlocks, Cords, etc)

Huge thanks to EXPCON for supplying monitors and Xbox 360s for the event. Check out their Video Game/Anime Convention located in St Augustine, FL in October 2010 at the following site: EXP Con

TV - EXPCON, Tyger (2)
Wii - Tyger
Gamecube - Tyger
360 - Tyger
SSF4 - Tyger
TKN6 - Tyger
Brawl - Tyger
Melee - Tyger

Registered Attendees:
You can register at Registration at Storm Gaming League

Super Street Fighter 4
Chris Austin

Super Smash Bros Brawl/Melee

Tekken 6

Tatsunoko vs Capcom

DDR Extreme


Looks interesting, thanks for the heads up. Thread bookmarked.


Hmm. I might have to look into this tournament.


Just to give more info ( researched), it cost $50 if you want to be able to do all of Metrocon ( Fri, Sat, Sun) Reg is on Metrocon site. It’s $25 per day if you pay at the convention.

What system will SSF4 be played on?

the $10 fee for venue; if we pay that, Will the attendants know that we are just there for the MetroArcade? Just asking cause it would suck if people start getting charged the $25 to enter if they don’t want to enter “Metrocon” itself.

Will the Tournaments themselves finish the day they started? No next day “finals” and what not…?


All games will be on Xbox 360 except the obvious Wii games.

The attendant at the gameroom will know people will be only attending for the tournament. Let them know and they will let you enter. You pay the $10 fee at the desk inside and you will be given a wristband where you can enter and exit as you please. You will not be able to enter a tournament unless you have a wristband.

All tournaments will finish on same day.


VS Corps will try to make this Tyger!


Tyger check your pms please?!?!


Sorry SaeQuo. I’m still not in the habit with checking PMs on SRK. I’m gettin there.

I will be moving all events to take place on Saturday, so that everyone will be able to just show for one day. So consider TvC moved to Saturday.


Hey Tyger, what is the payout looking like for this?

Booking my room now :tup:


I don’t have an attendance list, so I have no clue. LOL.

As far as Tekken goes, it’s looking low, but I’m still trying to grab some interest. It looks like a lot of people are disappointed that it’s on 360. If enough people want it on PS3 and are attending, I’ll make the change ASAP.


Count me in for SSF4 360 I can bring my 360 + copy SSF4 if needed.


Yea i might make this… Sounds good


Don’t need any 360s. But I definitely need copies of games. I’d appreciate you guys bringing! :smiley:



There were some last minute schedule changes! All tournaments will take place on Saturday!

DDR Extreme Qualifying - 12:00pm
DDR Extreme Tech - 2:30pm
Super Street Fighter IV - 1:00pm
Super Smash Bros Brawl/Melee - 1:00pm
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom - 2:30pm
Tekken 6 - 3:30pm
Pokemon Battle Revolution - 6:00pm

Hope all you guys see this on time!


I’ll be there. I got 1 casual match in today with someone. I’m waiting to check in to my hotel room now.



Street Fighter 4 Bracket:

Street Fighter 4 Results:

1: Prince ($154.00)
2: Dexter James ($44.00)
3: Casanova ($22.00)
4: Ian Kolvinskie
5: Chris Moulton
5: Rugalitarian
7: Davoo
7: Christopher Jayson
9: Bob Custom Gamer
9: RaginCajin
9: Zero
9: Team Leader
13: Soul
13: Ronan Healy
13: Mitchell
13: George M.
17: Chayanne Alfonso
17: Joykill Me
17: Coltrane
17: Kenny Johnson
17: N Boc
17: Jose Venturo

Tekken 6 Bracket:

Tekken 6 Results:

1: Sjinzero ($56.00)
2: Frank Yagami ($16.00)
3: Kenrick ($8.00)
4: Jet3000
5: Strider
5: Lee
7: X Factor
7: Brian G

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Bracket:

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Results:

1: Casanova ($56.00)
2: George M. ($16.00)
3: Ronan Healy ($8.00)
4: Fire Lord Ozai
5: Megaman 36
5: Randy Rodriguez
7: Devin Chateau
7: Alphawolf

Brawl Bracket:

Brawl Results:

1: Fire Lord Ozai ($380.00)
2: Taiga ($110.00)
3: SuperWolf ($55.00)
4: M!X
5: DotheDash
5: Eskimo
7: Veggi
7: Aglow
9: Mike Lorenzo
9: Gato
9: Nomeg
9: Ryan Knott
13: Phillip
13: John
13: Ryder
13: Moog
17: Lexie
17: Daddy
17: Wolf
17: Kenny Johnson
17: Chris Petrosky
17: Natsu
17: Lance Akiro
17: Thomas Hiep
25: Monster
25: Randy Rodriguez
25: Gray
25: Chris Rocchio
25: Wayne McClain
25: Jonny Rutter
25: Amanda Gonzalez
25: Jimmy
33: Dillon Warren
33: Chris Mckenzie
33: Ronan
33: The Eggman
33: Jason R.
33: Rory
33: Andrew Hale
33: Jason C.
33: Carrie Miner
33: Tim Rodriguez
33: Jacob Gibbons
33: Sheik SSBM
33: Theo
33: Zack
33: Dan The Man
33: Trump Tight
49: Andre Christensen
49: Tony
49: Robert Robinson
49: Michael
49: Megaman 36
49: James

Melee Bracket:

Melee Results:

1: Fire Lord Ozai ($70.00)
2: Brad Steelix ($20.00)
3: Rick Rohins ($10.00)
4: Blaq
5: Michael Lee
5: Michael Taylor
7: Takao
7: Lance Akiro
9: Carrie
9: Dan The Man