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Firstly, my name is Dwayne and I go by LOC in the tekken community. I have been an out gay gamer for many years now and I wanted to share something I came across…

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have something like this and last week I found it…

Metro City Gamer

Here is a place where gay gamers can be themselves. All gamers are welcome, but this forum is especially dedicated to those gamers who maybe aren’t comfortable posting in other places or just want to converse with like-minded video gamers from across the world.

I like the direction that this site is taking and I respect the site’s creator, Kiore, for his dedication and perseverance. I am sure anyone who runs a successful forum-based site knows what he must be going through as he charts a direction for his site. There is a section devoted to feedback from new members so I encourage any and all of you who join to really look around the site and provide your constructive criticisms.

I may say more on this later, but I thought it was important to put this out there, in case anyone was interested in joining or finding ways to otherwise grow this site into something substantial.

Have a great day!!!

Zulu check dis out for authenticity pls

I’ve been to other similar forums. this definately isn’t the first, but maybe I’ll check it out…

I doubt the authenticity of this site. Can’t imagine a gay guy lacking the design sense not to make a banner with Comic Sans MS on it.

Odd that you specified “gay URBAN gamers” as well - now where will the gay rural gamers go where they can be themselves?

Boel: I encourage you to do the same.

Beats: I’m sure you’re right but this is the first I came across and one I support. I only hope that this site helps someone.

:wtf: Imma lurk dis shit.

What is there to doubt about it? Go and see for yourself. It’s rather new but there are quite a few members and I speak to the creator of this site periodically. He’s young, motivated, and committed to this project. That’s all there is to it, really. Someone looking to make a difference somehow. He doesn’t know exactly how the site will help people but I’m sure it will, if hasn’t already.

Metro City?

As in, Final Fight?

I guess that game was pretty gay. Haggar is the mayor. Cody went to prison. And let’s not forget Poison and the Andores.

[Good shit Dwayne!!! :lovin:

… :tup:](

So I finally located my regular account. I don’t come here a whole lot since i don’t main 2D. Anyways, if you have any questions about the site, please visit the site, post here, or PM me.

I don’t think there are many gay gamers here that are uncomfortable posting. I may be wrong but I’ve been here a long time and srk has the largest group of gay people I’ve seen that have no issue with being open about their sexuality.

Aside from sexual orientation, what’s the difference between a heterosexual and a homosexual gamer?

Somebody’ll say to you this site is pretty gay and you could take it as a compliment.

Slightly disappointed that the article entitled “Queen of the Hill” was actually about girls after all. :xeye:

I must say, I have drawn a lot less ire in posting here, as opposed to my thread on the tekken site I frequent and it’s possible that you are right, RoninChaos. I’ll repost something from the other thread here in case anyone was wondering what I was really trying to say here.

Again, thanks for checking out this thread and engaging in the dialogue.

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Cobra and others,
It’s good to point out that in-group solidarity and self-segregation draws attention to differences between people, and in that way, it can undercut efforts toward true harmony and equality.

However, when a group of people is slandered, mocked, called inferior, or referred to as an abomination, those people might try to contradict oppressive messages, and defend themselves with a statement of defensive pride: "damn right that’s what I am."
The value of gay pride is in it’s social defiance, its advocacy for a wider, more complete view of the human subject and its support of nonconformity. Like anything, it can reverse itself and become an opportunity for conformity, but that’s a very different issue.
A gaming site made by and for members of a minority group could be thought of as a zone of acceptance, a statement of solidarity, and most importantly as an object to promote self-acceptance and humanization. If the website’s existence makes some kind of political statement, even a dim and boring statement, more power to that.

There is not a similar context or a similar need for a “heterosexual gamers” site. There is no need for a separate website for people who “are heterosexual” and there is no need to PROMOTE the acceptance of heterosexuality. There is no need for heterosexual pride because given the social context, it would not be a statement of defiance, ego-defense, and non-conformity (though in some contexts it may be).

I would also argue that a gay-gamers site is more needed than other “minority group” websites because homosexuality is particularly dissed and targeted with bullshit. You can call it joking around, hate speech, or even say that it’s just social friction that anyone should be able to tolerate…that being said, the gay community get’s it pretty bad, so therefore, there is a particular need for this type of site, and particular strength in the statement.

When the cultural status quo is sadly, that gay people are human-garbage, statements of solidarity and pride become very relevant.
More power to Metro-Gamer.

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Thanks everyone!

shrug Fuck it, I’ll make an account and see how I like it.

Because gay people “need” to feel important. They can’t just blend it with others that would be to rational. They rather proclaim they are different.

Not really true, that’s just generalizing…

lol, why even bother responding to the idiot?

Because that would be rational.