metROCKs EVO 08 MARBL vids

So far I got

Toan Nguyen vs Mike Ross
Toan Nguyen vs The Cable Guy GITR DONE
Combo Fiend vs Bucket Head

Good stuff. Thanks for the vids. :tup:

ATMtoan lookin real solid


good shit cableguy and michael ross

Toan Nguyen vs Mike Ross


Cant wait till COMBOFIEND vs BUCKETHEAD match is up.

<3 fanatiq’s shit talking.

If Toan would have played his game he would have won against cable guy and mike ross!
I hope they are at Season’s Beating’s. I would love to get the same mm’s that they gave toan.

And Potter?

Sure. Well, maybe not for 1k but I might do something like 100. Season’s Beating will be my last tourney for a long time because of something personal happening in my life. Im trying to get the most out of this game now.

Hopefully I can make it out there so I can record all the hype matches but I doubt Ill go. Id like to meet a lot of the east coast marvel players.

That would be tight! I love the quality on your video’s for it being on youtube and all. Im actually from New Orlean’s with vegita-x and lived in Houston around Toan, but the way it’s looking I don’t know where I might be next year. Might be in Japan, that’s what im hoping for. I just didn’t make it this year to Evo because I thought that Season’s Beating’s will be a harder and more interesting tourney.

Combo Fiend vs Bucket Head
Theres 4 vids in this series but only 2 are up now. They will be up shortly due to my slow connection.



what the hell there’s a box of pringles on each side during the combofiend buckethead match lmao. It needs to be put to rest. Tim Duncan is the greatest combofiend player of all time.

There was fucking pringles cans flying all over the room during evo :looney:.
I got tired of tripping on them.

i have toan vs potter winners finals missing the first match though :frowning: memory card got full, and vegita x vs potter ill try to put them up later

Ruin hook me up with your homie adams number. He even gave it to me there and I lost that shit again.

edit I got the 1st to ten as well. Missing the final match, my battery died =/


Thanks meng. Combo vs Bucket vid 3 will be up shortly. Waiting for youtube to process

Ok all the Combo and Bucket vids should be online now.