metROCKs IN House Tourny 5/18/07

1st: Cl0ckw0rk Jr.
2nd: Flying Guy aka T-Lo
3rd: metROCK
4th: Nick
5th:Mr Pasadena
5th:Illan Jr
9th:BloodStorm Quick

This was a last minute tourny but still hella fun.
T-lo ate up losers bracket like I do at the buffet:nunchuck:
ol Cl0cky Jr Cl0ckn it up.
Mr Pasadena was just down graded to Ms Alta Dena.
big surprise on seeing Joe I was WTF :amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed:
11 Players wich shocks the hell outta me more.

Oh Yeah I forgot the team money match.

Frank over youtube 1st game
T-Lo takes out Frank then Darrell
Joey rocks T-Lo
My MSP over team Cl0ck for the exrta dollar!!!

joeyyyyyyyyyy tearin that shit up!!!

good shit son!

Added the team money match. Sorry I forgot bout it.

You also forgot to note that he went undefeated the whole tourny.

That will be noticable when i put up the brackets…how did I somehow know you were gonna say that.

You guys are lucky I wasn’t there…ha

my blackheart just turned into magic the last couple days i suppose. people that guaranteed victory ended up suckin on commando XX HOD XX KELLYSUPERS!!!

Where’s the results from this morning’s tourny dawg?

Ask Frank

where was this toruney held at?

it was at metrocks house AKA The Terminal, in Bakersfield just off the 178 freeway.

ima hit up Magnetro, and maybe a couple other guys to see if they wanna join us for our Bako ranbats… or even just to get some tournament stuff goin. anyone else ever cruise through Bakersfield… post up!

good games to everyone…


Reads title again :rolleyes:

dam jason and darrel are boring =)

Your avatar is boring.

leave my avatar alone =( my chuck avatar is the shit =)