metROCKs InHouse Tourny 6/2/07

Sorry for the late post guys. I think I lost some money on the floor
so can anyone be nice and return it even though I was being a DICK :lovin:
3rd:Mr Pasadena
4th:cl0ckw0rk Jr
5th:Flying Guy
5th:Illan Jr
7th:The Darkness
7th:Mas Puto
9th:BloodStorm Quick

1st:Team Kink(metROCK,KiLLaKeLLy)
2nd:Team w0rk(The Darkness,cl0ckw0rk Jr)
3rd:Team Weaksauce(Mr Pasadena Illan Jr)
4th:Team Bako(Mas Puto, BloodStorm Quick)

Goog Games everyone, seeya next time…

No you won’t.

mr pasadena, and clock and illan jrs…u guys really drive all the way to bakersfield?

I pick them up

good shit kelly1!!! good shit metrock and mr pasadena.

i’m down to attend the next one!

I dont have that much room in my car dawg sorry

yeah, you should come, jason is supposed to start runnng ranbats pretty soon. He has 2 table setups one is borken at the moment, but Mr. Marvel can get that fixed in a jiffy. So, jason, when are the RANBATS???


maybe i’ll drive down for a mini tourney…

why you cancel the ranbats??? i was looking forward to those, much sadness

Cuz he’s too lazy, and he knows I’m gonna own him for free.

Maybe someone else in bako can run ranbats :cough brandon “i have a showcase cab” cough:

Jason’s gotsta do it. We just need to motivate him. Just let Jason beat you Darrell :rofl: and he’ll feel better. It’s up to us in Bako to make it happen, not just Jason, so lets let him know we’re down 4 it!! (T-LO and Darkness back me up). My cab is available anytime the crew needs to run a tourny, and by crew I mean team Bako, Team Valley, and Team uhhh… Salinas? and by tourny I mean Ranbats with brackets made by the CAVEMAN!!!


What happened to the good ol days when korngo used to grace us with his non marvel playing presence. Next time you come dont pass out either dawg :wasted:

What are you talking about? Last time he was at your pad, I heard you put some pills in his drink. Some shady shit… :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

so we should have that CenCal tourney we talked about a few times in Bako. get whoever together for some tourney, money matches, tequila-shot matches, whatever!!! lets do it!!

Hey korngo how can I can those fancy red dots, they are dooooppeeee.

lolol, make someone cry over the internet. that’s how lolol

and next time, i’ll for real try not to pass out. i took off straight from work to bako that day, and keep in mind i worked graveyard at the time. x_x

I’m moving up the chain in red dots now dawg. I’m almost up there with you Korngo.