metROCKs InHouse tourny 6/30/07

1st:Iron Illan
2nd:Copper Illan jr
5th:cl0ck jr
7th:metROCK :rock:

Team Valley> The Other Team

DVD will hit the stores soon!!!


Good games to everyone, especially the people that let me beat them… Props to Team Valleyand Mr. Salinas himself for coming out, i think we should do this once more before Evo. Maybe we can even get a better turnout and get more than an 8 man bracket. I dunno, maybe we can open invite in the Tourney Thread, we’ll see.

i watched most of the tape of he matches. Good stuff mostly. DVD should be ou soon, and im sure some matches we can host up on google/youtube.

Once again, GGs T-lo and to all of bako. I own you Jason. =D

i got ya this time dawg!!! in TWO TOURNEYS!!!

Honestly dawg i dont remember if we played, I was tired. its official the bako crack session is over and Im beat.

I got you in the team tourny dawg.

gg’s to everyone who played and GG’s! to Illan and Killakelly(kinksta) for making it out there in the DH.


ya… i tried to sneak that one in…

Ill get you next time Frank da Tank and you spelled rules wrong :xeye:.

Good Games to everyone and good job on team valley guys