metsu hadouken


I was wondering why in MvC3 that this move is unjumpable vs SSF4’s version. I honestly just want to know why capcom made them different in each game.


I also noticed that in MvC3 it’s a beam where in SSF4 it’s not a beam… I think it gets more hits too. Weird.


^both are good questions(I don’t think a beam would fit in Vanilla/Super).


They are completely different games. A regular fireball hyper just wouldn’t be very useful in MvC (unless it had tracking capabilities).


It’s simple really.
Look back 10 years or more.

SF2 use projectile balls
MvC2 had beams

long time later on
SSF4 use projectile balls
MvC3 has beams

Not gonna change bud, that’s how things are. Though if you want to pretend, in MvC3 Ryu never made it because he turtled in the wrong direction so Gouku took his place using his outfit.


Question answered, case closed.

No need to open new thread for questions that can be asked in a character thread / general discussion