Mexican guard busted eating toilet paper


Title says it all, this is too funny…
He’s also apparently smelling paint thinner, but it looks like it could be gasoline as well.
I just dont get the toilet paper thing, but shit he makes it look as if its some tasty shit :rofl:


Was it new toilet paper or used?


There’s just some things we may never know. But considering what refried beans look like…


This must be his favorite episode


what the fuck is he guarding?


they toilet paper. know what they say…dont eat what you guard.

wut :confused:


Must be prepping dem taste buds for an unholy pepper eating contest ala Homer Simpson


well his career just went down the toilet unless he can get a proper handle on his situation, I wonder what he flushes it all down with


2 ply post…


Texas is running out of food too?


Don’t eat the Charmin.


Night shift at the major’s office.
That’s Mexico for you :coffee:


Everything in Mexico gives you diarrhea, making toilet paper highly coveted.

He was just trying to squirrel some away.


Don’t act like you never had to huff a lil paint to get through the day. those inmates are fucking crazy over there, all Carlos this, Jose that. You guys are such posers, I swear.


Kobayashi can eat more toilet paper than that, just saying :karate:


Hot dog eating references from 2009 :confused:


hahaha the title of this thread alone is amazing


He’s an alien you fool


I had to read this while eating a burrito…


Proof that huffing gives you shit breath…


I wonder if he had to wipe when he shit it out.