Mexican/Latina Hot Girl Thread

I see many people who do thier forums of hot girls but i check them out and hardly see any latinas and they are the hottest so feel free to post in here the most hot latina girl you ever seen.
You all know the rules and if u don’t here they are

NO nipples, genitals, anuses, or pubic hair.

  • NO sex acts (explicit or simulated)
  • NO see-through / wet / sheer clothing where any of the above can be seen
  • NO bootleg censorship! Don’t post up nude pix with self-added coloured spots / mosiac / blur effects / smilies / etc.

Please enjoy and keep it clean. Ill try to post some later on. Post-Out

tsoteddy – pls utilize the general “hot girl” thread instead, it’s underutilized as it is. thx.

or my thread which is Black/ Rican.

i have posted latinas in there to so be my guest. :tup:

ok kool thnx, is because is because i don’t see many latina hot girls but cool ill check out your thread but hopefully people post here 2

just because you dont see it doesn’t mean there not there. “Hot Girl” thread is more on white women but they do post other races of women so basicly that’s a anything-goes-race-wise-thread. my thread goes from black, latina, hispanic, and just resently Indian. basicly anything that is not white or asain you can post in my thread. If rook decised to keep this thread open for you to post Latinas exclusivly then i’m not trippn.

the mods just dont want IMM to be flooded with more sites like these…
heres an ex. of what i’ve posted

actually I left this open because I was hoping somethin like this would happen. Thx shatterstar for opening up your thread. I’ll add “Latinas” to the title if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

thread closed :slight_smile: