Mexican Typhoon Problems

Hey Guys, I’ll say hello to everyone as it’s my first post in Shoryuken!.:woot: Getting into matter , using T.Hawk’s Mexican Typhoon I found out that although the LP version gets the furthest, in some cases when the character is in the correct range for the execution, T.Hawk fails to grab the opponent. Have any of you had the same problem? :shake:

P.D: It’s not a problem of range as I have said, as I have also try it out in training and it also fails sometimes.

sorry, i don’t understand, how is this not a range issue? you’re probably standing at the point of max range, and sometimes going over it just by a little so it becomes out of range. if hawk IS in range, there’s no reason why the grab won’t connect, unless the opponent is doing something that makes him grab invincible or air borne.

You can’t combo throws. If they are in hitstun, you will not grab them.

Yeah, that might be the isssue. Also I wanted to ask, T.Hawks U1 would go through another character’s ultra after they have started there ultra in the freeze animation?

If their feet on on the ground, it should catch anything. There is a video somewhere of someone grabbing Bison out of a psycho crusher with U1, and if you look, you can see he still has 1 foot on the floor when he is grabbed.

There are some Ultras it wont beat as a reversal - Seth U2 (80 frames of invincibility or something stupid like that) for example and Hakan U1 - seems to beat all command grab Ultras even it’s put out first. I’m sure there are others that have no grab box or hitable box to speak of and therefore U1 looses.

Yeah, I forgot about Seth. I don’t think you can even grab him if you end up behind him. I’m probably wrong though.

Also with most projectile ultras as the sonic hurricane and the tiger cannon it won’t pass. :sad: