Mexico and their characters

I don’t want to start a anti-mexico thread or anything, just saying from observing MvC3 the last couple of months, now I play Ranked/Any settings.

What I saw is, all Mexican players use Sentinel and I am not exaggerating either, Can someone explain me this? And they all play the same too, Neutralize when low health and then go for HSF to chip you to death, not to mention they have 3rd world connection too lol.

Was Sentinel their president orsomething? Is it a tradition to use Sentinel over in Mexico? share your thoughts

probably because they want to play top tier but nobody has translated the news about his nerf patch into spanish yet :-[

game updates
Announcer- Sentinel has had his HP lowered to 910k

Guy in Mexico-…QUE!!!

Throws self off cliff

Dude, couldn’t you just posted this in the General Discussion thread?

jumps off cliff and saves Dizzy

[details=Spoiler] [media=youtube]CLZrGbOzQCE[/media] [spoiler/]

Lol I thought this would fit in a MvC forum, nobody has seen this trend?

To me, they all seem to lag terribly, and I would usually not get lag playing people in the US, Europe, or Japan (from Canada, btw). And there seem to be way more mexican players than the rest, or they’re the only people that play player match.

It’s really all the central and south america people I face, if only they move on from 56k :frowning:

The reason why the connection sucks with them is because it’s two different countries and you live far as fuck from the guy in MX. Put your language to English instead of any(this is where most kids fail). I used to use Sentinel but then I thought to myself, fuck Sentinel. It’s funny because Mexico uses Sentinel while America uses Dark Phoenix LOL. Always keep in mind though, gamers from Mexico are straight fucking assholes. And this is coming from a Mexican-American… >:(

lol i thought i was the only one who noticed it.

even when i set the language to English i still get these assholes (because i think they set their language to English so they can play all of us).

And sure enough, almost every single one of them uses Sentinel on point + hidden missiles assist.

Here’s what i don’t understand though: some of these guys have like the highest rankings in the world (for ranked points, not W/L).

I don’t get how someone can play that many thousands and thousands of games just spamming with Sentinel the whole time. like, wouldn’t you get bored of it at some point? Or maybe want to try out a little offense or some other characters?

mexicans man…

Mexico is going to start picking up dark phoenix technology around January then wonder why it doesn’t work

This thread makes me miss amingo. Imma go ahead a guzzle down some cactus cooler to ease my pain of him not bein included in mvc3 (vanilly and ultimate). Maybe mexicans would switch over to amingo once he’s in umvc3: alphasomeshit.

I see more Hulks than anything in my Mexico experience.

These types of threads usually don’t go anywhere useful, so I’ll save y’all the pain.