Mexico Vs Puero Rico


okay top mexican players thread brought this up…

is any one down for this ( and KNOWS there going to Evo)

and inkbolt will this be an option if enough people want to.

these should be the games.

marvel vs capcom 2

third strike

capcom vs snk 2

and turbo if by popular demand…

if u are able, and KNOW u are attending sign up here to have a good estimate of the people intrested…


dont make this a racial issue… we all are going just for fun…of course there should be competitive but not racial.


I’m fully down with this. :slight_smile:


what’s the difference?


why don’t u guys have like a soccer match?.. (or as you call it football ):o


Puerto Ricans- are Mix big Lip Beast, Indian, and Spanish.

Mexicans- are mix of spanish, and Indian.


so…nothing? lol fuck both your brown races.


i agree


^ you gotta love the ignorance of the priviledged. LOL!:rolleyes:
try taking a class on poverty asswipe, before making judgements on things you know nothing about. You think people stay poor 'cuz they want to??
I’m taking classes on poverty and it’s such a complicated issue.


ooo learning about being poor in school. Aren’t we educated. People stay poor because they can’t climb the social economic ladder because they’re ugly…like you I assume.


damn dude if you have a problem with both races say it to there faces otherwise stfu…the first post said its not a racial thing but something compedetive so just leave it be



:o :smiley: :lol: … too good!

hey LyNkS … i have corrected your post i hope you don’t mind, but here in America we speak English, not spanglish ok?.. thank you for your time and see ya!

“Damn dude, if you have a problem with either race, say it to their face. Otherwise shut the fuck up.
The first post said; it is not a racial issue, but something competitive so just leave it be.”



is that a fact brownie…?!


I would be down for 3S and CvS2 for Team Mexico if this were too really happen, and I really am Mexican :stuck_out_tongue:

and its futbol fool, not football :mad: ???



okay now tat all this racial stuff is settled lets go back to the situation at hand. if ur down post ur name just as if u would if pre-signing in a tourney.

with enough peps i think we can make this happen.


pendejo idiota… quecres que no se? menso mendigo cabron iho de pera… si no sabes la palabra ‘fotbol’ la tomaron de ingles si no sabes huey… la palabra football es la original… menso entonces por que no le dicen ‘pelota de pata’? pendejo por que es de ingles cabron… la palabra ‘fotbol’ es lo que usan los nakos como tu y tus padres… pinche indio nako… no digas nada si no sabes ok pendejo? … c ya … detodabes mas cuando yo lo escribe estaba escribiendo en ingles sino te fijaste medigo… por eso la palabra que use fue ‘football’ porque estab diciendolo en ingles… pero un nakop indio mestizo como tu no sabia eso verdad? =OWN3D


holy shit…




thats a lot of spanish for someone who said in america we speak english:confused:


anyone up for a german vs israel.

pm me


I am. Aryans vs the world. let’s do this shit


fuck you all