Mexico Zetas Cartel Drug Lord Miguel Angel Trevino Captured


Zetas documentary (NSFW)

Heisenberg is pleased


Finally some good news…


Now the other cartels get stronger…


The Mexican drug cartel are some scary fuckers.

I saw a video of them taking a dude’s head off with a chainsaw.


I sense trouble coming for Mexico.


I guess this is good news, but doesn’t this basically mean he’ll be running the gang from behind bars now?


Send him to Gitmo.


It means in-fighting. It means fighting from competition thinking its a sign of weakness.

In the short term it makes things worse. However in the long run, its a positive strike, especially if they can continue to chip away at the other cartels.

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chaotic power struggle…they knew exactly what they were doing when they capture him.


Original post now updated to more accurately convey this point.


Is Gitmo a foreign term that means,“shove a razor sharp metal dick up his ass, encase him in concrete, and toss him out of an airplane over the indian ocean”? If so, then I agree that he should go to gitmo.



This means nothing on a grand scale, especially since the U.S. government has been giving arms to cartels and intentionally perpetuating the drug war.


Have you seen the one were they behead that chick and she is still looking around afterwords? They got another one with a wagon filled with severed body parts and one with decapitated heads with their dicks and balls in their mouths.


No I haven’t, but i’ll get right on that.

The last one sounds hilarious, sadly.


This means shit.

Just like this dude replaced the OG boss, somebody more ruthless and blood thirsty will take his place.

And in the end, its all moot. Calderon started the war for money, and several top Zeta’s who have been captured have come out and said that the US gives them money and guns to run their operation.

The Cartels are there to stay, it’s not America where having the monopoly of power is beneficial. Having this criminal element that generates that much money for everybody in power in both sides ain’t going anywhere and will continue to stay there.

Mexico is free to money, at least they are honest about their corruption.


I learned about Los Zetas and the other cartels a while ago. Yeah, you can just go to this site called and check out all of the gruesome and depraved things they do to people. I live in Texas, and I know for certain that I will never EVER get anywhere near the border. I will never travel to Mexico for anything on top of that. Those people are clearly the absolute worst criminals on the face of the planet and I would piss my pants if I knew that I was within a 100 mile radius of any of them.


someone posted a video where a guy beheads a chick then lift her head to hold it in front of the camera and you see her eyes still moving.That shit is still bothering me


You really shouldn’t live in fear like that. Those dudes are all around you as we speak. Just don’t get caught in some stupid shit.


Yeah, gang members and such are all over this country. Safety is just an illusion and people gotta act smart. I don’t underestimate anyone.


Does Mexico have the death penalty? They need to go Genghis Khan on these fuckers.