MGL 7/23 CVS2 Results

So I figured I post the results for CVS2 because there was some funny shit going down at this tournament.

  1. Leezy – K-Kim, Rock, Morrigan, Cammy, Ryu
  2. Charlie – A-Vega, Sak, Bison, Chun Li, Blanka
    P-CBS…I think
  3. Van Diesel – K-Rock, Sagat, Blanka
    C-Sagat, Guile, Chun Li

Van apparently forgot his Diesel fuel this time. Chun Li didn’t want to cooperate with him at all. Apparently mashing the buttons doesn’t mess up A-Sak/Bison customs, but Van licking Charlie’s face while he’s doing it does.

Charlie apparently took some sort of uber crack today and performed extremely well. I think it was the hat…good shit

Misconceptn decides to school us all in how to play defensive S-Groove. Somebody had the bright idea to start 2/3 during the Losers Quarterfinals. Peter vs Mike was by far the longest match of the night. A-Vega, Mai, Hibiki vs S-Sak, Sagat, Bison…someone attack…please. We pleaded them to flip a coin or use ratio 4s, but I don’t blame them for fighting (or waiting) it out until the end.

Peter activates and purposely messes up Hibiki’s custom just to reset and mess up again, which led to another reset and a super. Mad skills.

Robert Baker (Token Thief) shows up and puts on a disfunctional K-Groove clinic. Apparently he’s capable of dominating and just chooses not to.

This tournament was very interesting overall. The left side stick is loose in the neutral position, but doesn’t seem to affect gameplay. A lot of friendships were lost here. Guys who practice together all the time refuse to shake hands after their matches. I think 19 people was the turnout, pretty decent.

Charlie won because he had his power hat on…he nevers wears a hat…so when you see him with a hat on he will beast on all…Charlie should of won the first set agains leezy, but he messed up his sak custom probably do to the after effects of Van’s face licking.:eek:

That was sum crazy tourney. Lot of skilled players. Decent turn outs. Some records has been broken. Longest match ever!! And there was this guy who suddenly turned into a beast, tazVANia Devil kind of creature. I couldn’t help it but to look directly at this wild beast and doing my paint job at the same time.

woahhh robert still plays!

is he banned from svgl?

Hey it was fun playing, i love fucking around with my boys, dont care much losing to them, but i guess i got bored staring at my characters pasted on the wall by sak/bison. I just figured to change the trend of banging the buttons and sexually arouse my opponent, and what i do best is stick my tongue in places its not suppose to be.
I guess me and charlie did better than expected because the aura of ricky was nowhere to be found, believe me having confidence to get placed helps out a lot. Hopefully the hour long matches doesnt become a trend, please people learn how to use both the joystick and the buttons.

fuck! I wish I coulda made it! Good shit Lee, charlie and van are monsters, Dam,n looks like charlie stepped his shit up!THATS WUT IM TALKIN ABOUT!

charlie must’ve gotten RAGED from when van pulled his chair from under him
he’s craaaaaaazy