[ MGL ] Milpitas Golfland Arcade Mania Tournaments & Events


Sad to hear, though not entirely unexpected. Least you made the good-faith effort.

Good try man.

Were you the one working on Project Ressurection?


That sucks to hear. That’s so stupid though it is actually good business if they did listen to your requests. How stupid. Also Good try CPS.

Project R was supposed to be cabinets with consoles in them made strictly for monthly tournaments. Players would bring their own sticks and plug them into extended USB ports. This was to keep the cost down for purchasing new fighting games and was going to be used for tournament play only. That and the PS2 ports that was supposed to be installed in all the existing major fighting game cabinets so people couldn’t complain about the control panels always being out of shape. These plans (along with finishing the H2H cabs) were made by both me and the general manager but he never came through.

MGL’s general manager makes fake promises and is a cheap ass. Instead of trying to replace bad parts with brand new parts he would make the techs jimmy rig them with like glue and such to milk them until they crumbled into dust or something. Shit is ridiculous. It’s sad because its a venue with so much potential for events.

Manager probably doesn’t change the oil in the fryer either. :arazz:

Those MGL fries are good and you know it :rofl:

But yeah, I used to work there, and they didn’t give a shit about anything.

crack fries!

Make an online petition and show him how many people from the bay would sign in lol

Too bad it still might not work =[

That’s too bad. :frowning:

I like the fries tho :slight_smile:

i shouldn’t have said anything. :rofl:

if they ever have anything that involves bacon i would so order there more often

Told ya guys mgl is TRASH! now they believe me…

i enjoyed playing mike witt tho. Eating at the pizza place was fun too, regardless of the angry asian lady haha.

pizza BOX!

The asian lady’s son plays 3S with me at UCD and he reads these threads :rofl:

It’s too late, he knows now. :lol:

Pizza Box for the fucking WIN!

I figure that’s why the Tekken 6 cab has Happ Buttons in it…

As long as the sticks arent Happ, it’s fine

And with all the kids who go to MGL, the Sanwa buttons on T6 get smashed easily, so Happ is better I guess