MGL Pre-EVO Battle 8/4/06

- Team MGL Presents -
“MGL Pre-EVO Battle” Friday August 4th**

Summer is here, fighters all over the world are begining to train harder than ever. Some seek FAME… Some seek RICHES… Some seek MEANING… Some seek REVENGE…but one thing is for sure, we all share the same desire in our hearts… The desire to fight. This is the season of the UNBELIEVABLE COMEBACKS, BRUTAL BEATDOWNS & DOWN-TO-THE-WIRE FINISHES that we all yearn for. With only about a month away from the WORLD FINALS theres no time for slacking. Be focused… Be consistent… Be prepared… EVOLUTION 2006 is near…

Join us at MGL Friday August 4th to get ready for the EVO World Finals!



(LOSERS best 2 of 3/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

(LOSERS best of 1/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

(LOSERS best 2 of 3/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

(LOSERS best 2 of 3/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

(LOSERS best 2 of 3/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

(LOSERS best 2 of 3/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

NOTE Rules above may change due to “TURN OUT” & “TIME” issues.

  • All games will be held in double elimination format.

  • Only the loser of the previous game can change characters, assists, grooves or character order.(Although changing of super arts is allowed)

  • No game breaking glitches.
    (Kara Canceling,Roll Canceling & Guard Breaking are not considered game breaking)



$5 entry fee per game / pay for play (1 token games)

[COLOR=“Yellow”]1st Place : 70% of the pot + $10.00 in Tokens

2nd Place : 20% of the pot + $7.50 in Tokens

3rd Place : 10% of the pot + $5.00 in Tokens[/color]

NOTE Tokens will not be givin out if the number of players does not reach a 10 man bracket.



All tournament players are entitled to a $3 “Tournament Special Event Deal” containing:

1 Slice of Cheese Pizza
(add .25 cents for a pepperoni slice)

**1 Small Fountain Drink

10 Tokens**

NOTE When you sign up for 1 or more games you will recieve a wrist band that allows you to purchase the $3 Tournament Special Event Deal.



**Milpitas Golfland
1199 Jacklin Rd
Milpitas, CA 95035 USA

Friday August 4th**

Sign-Ups begin at 5:00 PM, Matches begin no later than 7:00 PM

“Ain’t tryin to hate…but DON’T BE LATE!”



Traveling out of town? Here are the 3 closest hotels to Milpitas Golfland.

Days Inn Milpitas
95 Dempsey Rd., Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone (408) 945-9000
Toll Free (800) DAYS INN

Embassy Suites Hotel Milpitas/Silicon Valley
901 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone (408) 942-0400

Extended Stay America
1000 Hillview Court, Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone (408) 941-9977


See you there!!


This is held on the day before I leave… I’ll try to make this one. :karate:

hold ggxx slash.

console it up.

Still haven’t got a confirmation on that but I’ll try and handle that this weekend. Keep in mind if we do hold a console tournament for GGXX Slash there will be a cover charge of $5 on top of the $5 entry just for those who enter Slash. Also there won’t be a tournament if Slash doesn’t reach 10 players.

I’m going. Good shit Joe =D

If you didn’t delete my last PM concerning a friday turnament at MGL it’s going to be the samething. will the turny be starting around 7:00???

yippi!!! i knew there would be a tourny before evo!!! good ish mgl… requestin that day off of work :slight_smile: is there gonna be a tourny for the people who aint going to evo???not that i dont wanna go, no credit card to sign up for it :frowning:

I will try to make it.

bump. someone sticky this please.

What the fuck is ST going to be on, not that shitty EMUCADE deal they have there I hope, I have a board if no else does. Love some matches.

We only have ST in the Ultracade cab. Thanks for the offer on using your CPSII board…but it isn’t gunna happen.

On a different note, I went to MGL last weekend to confirm some info including use of consoles for games like GGXX Slash but none of the top dawgs were there. Looks like I’ll have to try again this weekend:bluu:

Are you going to be able to replace the sticks/buttons on the h2h cab in time?

Managment said the H2H cabinets/area should be completed and ready by July 28th. I’m doing all I can but its really up to them to handle it.

That’s kind of depressing about ST, I haven’t put much time into the version they have there, so I don’t know how accurate it is. Somone told me it felt like the SNES version of Super, but I didn’t think it was that bad.

Thanks for making this happen and come together though, CPSIV, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

h2h cvs2, count me in.

what time will the the turny happen? I have to know to make sure I’m able to make it.

it’s in the tourney description.

sign ups at 5pm, tourney starts at 7pm

well looks like theres a trip to the eye doctor for me :lol: thanx

whats the best CALTRAIN stop to get off that would get me closest to MGL?

Sure, I’ll play MvC2. :tup: