"MGL Pre-SBO Brawl" 4/14/06

- Team MGL Presents -
“MGL Pre-SBO Brawl” Friday April 14th**


(LOSERS best 2 of 3/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

(LOSERS best of 1/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

(LOSERS best 2 of 3/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

(LOSERS best 2 of 3/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

(LOSERS best 2 of 3/WINNERS best 2 of 3)

NOTE Rules above may change due to “TURN OUT” & “TIME” issues.

  • All games will be held in double elimination format.

  • Only the loser of the previous game can change characters, assists, grooves or character order.
    (Although changing of super arts is allowed)

  • No game breaking glitches.
    (Kara Canceling,Roll Canceling & Guard Breaking are not considered game breaking)

  • Only tournament/MGL staff and those who are up for the next match may be within the roped off area, all others must stay outside of that area.



$5 entry fee per game / pay for play (1 token games)

[COLOR=“Yellow”]1st Place : 70% of the pot + $10.00 in Tokens

2nd Place : 20% of the pot + $7.50 in Tokens

3rd Place : 10% of the pot + $5.00 in Tokens[/color]

NOTE Tokens will not be givin out if the number of players does not reach a 10 man bracket.


                        • BLAST FROM THE PAST BONUS * * * * * * * * * * *

The “Blast From The Past” games for this tournament are:
"Red Earth(War-Zard) & “Tekken Tag”

- BFTP Game 1 -

(LOSERS best of 1/WINNERS best of 1)

** [COLOR=“Yellow”]FREE ENTRY ** / pay for play (1 Token games)

WINNER TAKES ALL: We will be giving a $10 Fun Ticket to the “WINNER” of this games tournament!

  • Character passwords will be allowed.

  • Handicap must be set at zero for all matches.[/COLOR]

- BFTP Game 2 -

(LOSERS best of 1/WINNERS best of 1)

** [COLOR=“Yellow”]FREE ENTRY ** / pay for play (1 Token games)

WINNER TAKES ALL: We will be giving a $10 Fun Ticket to the “WINNER” of this games tournament![/COLOR]

NOTE Fun Ticket can be used for tokens or miniature golf.

NOTE Token prize bonus will not be givin out for these games.


                • FREE $10 FUN TICKET RAFFLE GIVE AWAY * * * * * * *

Team MGL will be giving away 5 Fun Tickets each worth $10 in tokens or miniature golf. For each of the 5 main tournament games, we will be holding random raffle drawings. Signing up for a tournament game makes you eligible to win the free $10 Fun Ticket for that games raffle drawing. Entering more than 1 game increases your chances of winning a free Fun Ticket. The raffle will begin after the brackets have been made and right before the tournament begins, this will give the winners a chance to use their Fun Tickets for tokens during the tournament if they choose.

NOTE Raffles will not be for games that do not reach an 8 man bracket.



All tournament players are entitled to a $3 “Tournament Special Event Deal” containing:

1 Slice of Cheese Pizza
(add .25 cents for a pepperoni slice)

**1 Small Fountain Drink

10 Tokens**

NOTE When you sign up for 1 or more games you will recieve a wrist band that allows you to purchase the $3 Tournament Special Event Deal.



**Milpitas Golfland
1199 Jacklin Rd
Milpitas, CA 95035 USA

Friday April 14th**

[COLOR=“Yellow”]Sign-ups begin at 5:00 PM & tournament will start no later than 7:00 PM.

“Ain’t tryin to hate…but DON’T BE LATE!”[/COLOR]




Traveling out of town? Here are the 3 closest hotels to Milpitas Golfland.

Days Inn Milpitas
95 Dempsey Rd., Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone (408) 945-9000
Toll Free (800) DAYS INN

Embassy Suites Hotel Milpitas/Silicon Valley
901 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone (408) 942-0400
Toll Free (800) EMBASSY

Extended Stay America
1000 Hillview Court, Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone (408) 941-9977


See you there!!


Whee, hopefully I’ll have my car by then so I can go…

Need to get back into speed for 3s!

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection was installed at MGL last night and will be replacing T5.1 as a tournament game. Tournament information has been updated.

sup son you still movin to fremont?

Brackets will no longer be capped at 32 players. Tournament information above has been updated.


Currently living in Newark area…yep. I just need to wait until April to get my car…

then I can start going to MGL alot.

Yawn =]

Hey, can we have ST at this tournament as well? I know a few old skool heads coming out to this event. So how bout throwing Super Turbo SF yeah?


I’ve been getting a few requests to hold a tournament for this game. We have it in our Street Fighter Anniversary cabinet. If that’s not a problem I’m sure we can hold one.

If you guys hold st, my brother and I will come down and ill enter cvs2 as well. I have no problem playing it on your anniversary cabinet.

Graham Wolfe

Niceeeeee. Looks like pretty good amount of heads gon’ be at this tournament =D

Awesome, I dont mind playing it on anniversary edition. Can even let people play old characters if they want :rofl: :rofl:


WTF Graham Comes From NoWhere to Play Again:looney:

Oh it’s not HSF2:AE, its SSF2T just in a cabinet with other SF games(SF2:WW, SF2:CE, SF2:HP, SFA1, SFA2, SFA3, SSF2:NC & SSF2T). It’s like an Ultracade but just for SF games. It’s called “Street Fighter Anniversary Edition” Heres a link to see what it looks like.


I’ve added ST to the list. Information has been updated.


Yeah I played it a bit last summer. Its a good machine, i wish more places had something similar, its hard to find an arcade these days with ST.

Just hit up MGL with my brother and we tested the ST machine to see if it was tournament worthy. It worked fine, I give my 100% seal of approval for those ultracade sf2 dedicated machines now. My brother thought it was better than our home setup. The sticks are ultimate stick style (switches) not perfect 360s. I would prefer the concave buttons, i think they were the old style. Maybe the manager of MGL might read this and swap the buttons out with the newer style ones =)


ST on Ultracade software? Yikes.

It works good we tried various characters, its not that dopey cartoon girls heads popping up randomly one, its a dedicated sf2 machine with only the sf games in it and no dopey stuff.

“MGL Pre-SBO Brawl” Results

First off I’d like to thank everyone who came out to participate or spectate. HUGE turnout for MGL, tournament ended up starting at 8:00 PM and ending at 1:00 AM. For those who missed out on this one DO NOT miss the “MGL Pre-EVO Battle” scheduled for this summer.

Very special thanks to Bronson(Insanelee), Rob(RenoROB), Steven(Cableguy) & Edwin for helping. You are greatly appreciated!

MGL Pre-SBO Brawl Results:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - 30 Contenders

1st Place: Pyrolee
2nd Place: Ricky Ortiz
3rd Place: Alex Valle

Capcom VS. SNK 2 - 36 Contenders

1st Place: John Choi(ChoiBoy)
2nd Place: Ricky Ortiz
3rd Place: Eric Lee(Leezy)

Marvel VS. Capcom 2 - 10 Contenders

1st Place: Anthony Leon(Neezy)
2nd Place: Mikey Rasphone
3rd Place: Nick Ballantine

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection - 30 Contenders

1st Place: Bronson Tran(Insanelee)
2nd Place: Ricky Ortiz
3rd Place: Q Dogg

Super Street Fighter II Turbo - 9 Contenders

1st Place: Alex Wolfe
2nd Place: Graham Wolfe
3rd Place: Jason Nelson

“Blast From The Past” winners:

We ended up running out of time and didnt finish the “Blast From The Past” free entry tournaments, so we ended up raffling off the $10 Fun Ticket to the remaining contenders in the winners bracket. Congratulations to the raffle winners, you guys fought well to be eligible for this raffle.

Red Earth raffle winner: Josh(J Stonez)

Tekken Tag raffle winner: Indu

$10 Fun Ticket raffle give away winners:

“Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike” raffle winner: Chris C.

“Capcom VS. SNK 2” raffle winner: Josh P.

“Marvel VS. Capcom 2” raffle winner: Nick Ballantine

“Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection” raffle winner: Indu

“Super Street Fighter II Turbo” raffle winner: Dave

Congratulations guys

Once again thanks to everyone for coming out to this event and we hope to see you this summer!